In-Game Mobile Marketing For Your Business Advantages


The popularity of mobile apps is quickly growing, opening the door towards a great market that smart businessmen take advantage of right now. As the number of smartphones and mobile devices grows, the number of games that are developed for the platforms also grows. We are faced with a huge possibility that is present through in-game mobile marketing. The main reasons why you should consider this advertising opportunity are highlighted below.

Large Real Estate Screen Available

In-game advertising is usually done through banner ads. They normally appear during mobile games, before a game starts or right as a person tries to close the app. In-game marketing campaigns allow the business to “rent” the entire screen area of the device, highlighting the desired banners. When compared to how much a banner would occupy on a website, inside a game the banner is much more visible and a lot larger when compared to screen size. The user is basically guaranteed to see the ad, which can bring in increased CTR rates as opposed to other regular website marketing strategies.

100% Viewer Attention

When using ads on a site, the viewer is focused on the content on that site. In many cases the ads are not even viewed. As we use in-game mobile advertising, the game can be stopped and full attention is gained for the ad that is presented. That is possible through what is known as pop-up mobile ads.

The problem is that the pop-up ad can be annoying for the user. It is something that you want to take into account. The main difference is that the user cannot actually change channels as he/she wants to play. Attention is still guaranteed.

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Rewards Offer Better Brand Integration

A really effective in-game ad is the one that can offer user rewards. As an example, the user can receive extra coins inside the game if an advertisement is watched or if an action is performed. Such advertising included in marketing campaigns will be highly effective. They can help in growing social media presence or building brand loyalty. The action is practically guaranteed if it is free for the bonuses that are possible.

Location Targeting

The use of a mobile device is nowadays often linked with GPS tracking technology. Such technology allows the in-game marketer to target people that live in a specific location or that are present in one location. Such advertising possibility is huge and can automatically increase the possibility of making a conversion. NFC technology is used to display the best ads to the best audience, something that is rarely possible through other advertising channels.

Context Based Advertising

Location is not the only way to track the visitor to a site. The in-game marketing campaign can also target an audience based on a context. As an example, if we look at a fashion game, you can so easily advertise fashion accessories and clothes. There is a much higher possibility to make a sale when the context for the ad is right. Use that to your advantage.


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