Welcome to Xpert Money, a financial/business blog that focuses on things that you rarely find on such websites. We often offer articles that show you how people were successful in the business world, learning from the experiences that they had. At the same time, we cover unique marketing strategies and ways in which people can take their business to the next level. All advice offered comes from experts and we only publish some articles that are really good for our readers.

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The Team

Boris Dzhingarov – Owner & Founder

Boris launched Xpert Money with the main goal mentioned above. He is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman with education in various topics of importance for the modern financial enthusiast. His experience showed him that people rarely get the advice that truly helps them to move on in business so that is why he launched Xpert Money.

Adrian Cruce – Editor

Adrian was invited to become the editor of Xpert Money because of his business and marketing knowledge, with a focus put on investments and unique marketing strategies. You can read many of his articles at highly reputable publications from around the world and now he joined Xpert Money, bringing his expertise to the table.