Common Partner Marketing Errors


When it comes to marketing your partner program, there are several common mistakes that can derail your partnership. These errors include a lack of resources, a lack of alignment, and a lack of consistency. Fortunately, there are ways to fix these problems. By following these steps, you can have an effective marketing campaign in no time.

Lack of marketing resources

A lack of marketing resources can impact a company’s marketing efforts in a number of ways. It could prevent a marketing program from leveraging data-driven insights. This could also lead to overflowing marketing materials and ineffective processes. In some cases, lack of marketing resources is the result of a lack of expertise.

Partner marketing campaigns usually involve a large number of moving parts and require considerable amounts of marketing resources to be done effectively. This is one of the primary reasons why partner programs tend to stagnate during the planning process. Lack of resources can result from a lack of strategic thinking, lack of authority, and insufficient knowledge of internal processes and technology. Lastly, a lack of resources can result in a lack of flexibility.

Lack of consistency

Lack of consistency in partner marketing can be problematic for a number of reasons. Consistency can help your partners feel more connected to your brand. It also helps your customers trust you. However, inconsistent messages can cause confusion and annoyance, and can even hurt your bottom line. Here are four steps you can take to increase consistency:

The first step is to ensure that your partner is a good fit for your company. It is important to understand your partner’s business and its goals. Ensure your partner is knowledgeable and has relevant expertise. You should also consider whether your partner has the right skills to sell your products. In addition, your partner should be trained in sales and marketing.

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Secondly, consistency in partner marketing requires your partners to leave their past baggage at the door. This will help them present a consistent face to your customers. For successful partner marketing to succeed, both companies should have a unified project leader who will hold the team accountable to the joint goals.

Lack of alignment

Lack of alignment in partner marketing is a major challenge that affects both sales and marketing teams. Fortunately, there are some ways to improve this situation. One method is to create a “true partnership” among the departments responsible for the marketing of a partner’s product. This will allow each of them to feel valuable and address uncertainty head on. Below are some steps to ensure that you can create a true partnership between sales and marketing.

First, make sure that you understand the needs of your customers. Without this understanding, you cannot create an effective marketing campaign. In many cases, the messaging you develop will not resonate with your prospects and leads. This can lead to missed opportunities and unreachable targets. Additionally, poor alignment can lead to animosity among your teams. It is therefore critical to establish an alignment between your sales and marketing teams to ensure that your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Another way to ensure alignment is to use business intelligence to better understand how your partners use your content and the satisfaction of your marketing department. This information can help you develop your alignment program by revealing what works and what doesn’t. By implementing these methods, you’ll be able to increase sales and reduce churn in your company.

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Lack of communication

Partner marketing is a common marketing method, and while the barriers to entry for partner marketing campaigns are relatively low, the quality of results is often disappointing. To avoid these mistakes, vendors should understand how their channel partners approach digital marketing. They should spend time training partners who lack the capabilities to conduct effective digital marketing campaigns. One common mistake partners make is to rely solely on pre-existing collateral. These collaterals are often solution-specific and out-of-date. Adapting them to match a new client’s requirements can take a considerable amount of time. As a result, partners spend a lot of time rewriting or adapting content, which prevents them from focusing on demand generation.

Another common partner marketing error is lack of resources. Most partner companies do not have the in-house resources or skills to conduct multitouch integrated marketing. In addition, most do not have the marketing automation systems needed to create effective campaigns. Therefore, it is essential for vendors to provide concierge services that help partners promote their vendor campaigns and manage execution.


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