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    4 Tips to Build Your Business Network

    Building your business network is a crucial part of successful business development. But not just any network: You need a strong base of trust and mutual respect. The good news is that there are several tips you can use to build your business network. These include asking for referrals, networking at events and using social media to boost your connections. ...
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    Famous Swedish Entrepreneurs

    Sweden has become famous for producing global success stories such as IKEA, Tetra Pak and Spotify. But what accounts for Sweden’s unparalleled ability to develop innovative companies with international appeal? One reason is due to Sweden’s notable entrepreneurs. Some of the best-known Swedish businesspeople serve as role models when it comes to starting and growing companies. They provide us with ...
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    Successful Entrepreneurs in Norway

    Norway is well known for its vibrant tech scene. However, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Norway still needs work before reaching parity with other countries in its region. Nordli Hansen has observed that successful entrepreneurs often inherit a considerable wealth, often through inheritance from parents in business. Furthermore, they typically possess good educational backgrounds but tend to specialize ...
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    How Paid Search Advertising Can Increase Your Website Traffic and Conversions

    Search advertising can be an effective way to increase business exposure on search engine result pages (SERPs). With various tools at your disposal, optimizing ads and measuring their performance should become much simpler. PPC requires care and practice to be effective, but can be an invaluable component of your marketing strategy. Learn the best practices of paid search marketing as ...
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    Niche Markets Explained

    Market niches are an effective way to differentiate your business and build brand loyalty, and finding one you are passionate about and can relate to is one of the best places to start. People in a particular market typically associate with like-minded individuals and groups. They might participate in online forums, Facebook groups, clubs, or meetups which give insight into ...
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    The Best German Entrepreneurs

    Germany is an attractive option for entrepreneurs due to its robust economy and workforce, as well as the support provided by government initiatives and policies for business activities. Iyad Slik of 2hearts is one such entrepreneur. After arriving from Syria, she established her confectionery company in Berlin – as her immigration background inspired her to establish this startup that assists ...
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    5 Essential Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

    Social media marketing is a crucial element of our digital world that aids businesses in promoting their products, expanding their client base, and building their brand reputation. But, how do you know if your social media marketing strategies are working? Like any other aspect of your business, success needs to be measured, analyzed, and improved continuously. The Importance of Measuring ...
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    What Is Marketing Communication?

    Marketing communication (or “marcom”) involves using various strategies and tools to reach a particular audience, with an aim of raising brand recognition, driving website traffic increases and improving search engine rankings. Companies using consumer engagement enable companies to promote product benefits to consumers and create loyalty. Furthermore, it shortens sales cycles by helping customers identify and understand products. Advertising Advertising ...
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    Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria

    Becoming an entrepreneur takes both hard work and financial commitment. Additionally, you must be adept at marketing your products or services so as to attract customers while simultaneously being able to negotiate deals and build relationships with potential buyers. Most entrepreneurs run micro businesses that focus on retail, fashion or FMCG activities; typically men tend to manage these enterprises. Entrepreneurship ...
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    Successful Entrepreneurs in Cuba

    Cuba could become a hotbed of business innovation if its leaders can work to establish order; but running a company in Cuba remains daunting. Cuentapropistas –private business owners–are prevalent on the island, running restaurants and art galleries, salsa dancing schools in homes, and fashion boutiques in old factories. These entrepreneurs play an essential role in preserving cultural heritage, supporting social ...
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    How to Effectively Use Marketing Ads to Promote Your Business

    Advertising can be an effective tool for businesses to increase sales. Advertising helps keep a business top-of-mind among consumers and prevent competitors from poaching customers away from them. Effective advertising campaigns present stories that resonate with their audiences in an engaging manner, are clear and easy to digest, and contain a clear call-to-action. Social media ads Social media advertising can ...
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    Investing in Entrepreneurship in Turkey

    Immigrant entrepreneurs offer unique solutions to local problems in developing nations by helping overcome any barriers to entrepreneurship through providing funds, services and expertise. Results revealed that optimism, risk-taking propensity and having a family member who is an entrepreneur were significantly associated with entrepreneurial intentions of both U.S. and Turkish students; however, an unfavorable evaluation of economic conditions in Turkey ...