• Daniel Shin

    Korean Entrepreneurs Thriving in Silicon Valley

    Korean entrepreneurs have made significant inroads into Silicon Valley. Their ability to blend cultural values with technological innovations has proven successful businesses for them, thanks to political leadership dedicated to economic expansion and proactive government measures. Sophie Kim is the founder and CEO of Korea’s largest dedicated online grocer Market Kurly. With an educational background in finance and consulting, Sophie ...
  • influencer marketing strategy

    Influencer Marketing Strategy – How to Get the Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of successful influencer marketing campaigns. Modash helps you find influential figures, evaluate their profiles and audiences, and monitor campaign success. Below you can see how to build a great influencer marketing strategy. Contests and giveaways can be an effective way to spread brand recognition among your followers. Incentivize them to participate by offering them ...
  • entrepreneurs in Albania

    Tax Compliance for Entrepreneurs in Albania

    Albania, situated in Southeast Europe, is one of Europe’s most promising emerging early-stage start-up markets, boasting many advantages for entrepreneurs including low operating costs and an outstanding business climate. Entrepreneurs in Albania do have access to some tools to use. Female entrepreneurship is still relatively novel in Albania but already it has made significant impactful contributions to economic development. Startup ...
  • how to use an influencer marketing strategy

    How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy

    One of the best ways to amplify brand presence and boost ROI is influencer marketing, which works by teaming up with digital creators who promote products or services through carefully crafted messaging. How can you build an influencer marketing strategy? Before initiating an influencer campaign, it’s essential to identify your desired goals. Common targets may include raising brand recognition and ...
  • Australian entrepreneurs

    Australian Entrepreneurs You Should Know

    Australian entrepreneurs featured in this article serve as an inspiring reminder that any individual can use their passions to start successful businesses. While some founders boast impressive capital-raising credentials, others have built profitable enterprises solely with personal capital. It was heartening to witness how, despite all of 2021’s challenges, most businesses listed had continued to thrive and expand. Ilhan Omar ...
  • different types of entrepreneurs

    Different Types of Entrepreneurs

    Introduction writing requires time and practice, but the rewards can be great as this will be the first thing readers encounter. There are several different types of entrepreneurs. Imitator entrepreneurs copy business ideas and modify them in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, these entrepreneurs may search for ways to enhance their product or target specific ...
  • young entrepreneurs

    How Young Entrepreneurs Can Increase Their Chances of Success

    Young entrepreneurs possess a range of unique traits that make them well-suited to starting new businesses. Curiosity and openness to new experiences are cornerstones of their success; in addition to this energy and drive for making ideas come alive. Becoming a young entrepreneur means making sacrifices. While giving up evening Netflix binges or weekend parties with friends may be hard, ...
  • the success of Zoom

    The Unexpected Success of Zoom

    Nine years ago, disgruntled Cisco Webex engineer Eric Yuan founded Zoom as a videoconferencing solution. Since then, its popularity has only grown. The unexpected success of Zoom was simply incredible. Zoom’s success has been propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused offices to close and created a surge in remote work demand. Zoom has also managed to use its technology ...
  • 25

    Use These 3 Interviewing Strategies to Help Negotiate a Bigger Salary

    Job interviews not only serve as an opportunity for employers to assess your suitability for a position, but they also provide a platform to showcase your skills, experiences, and negotiate a competitive salary. Many candidates often overlook the power of effective interviewing strategies in securing a higher compensation package. In this blog post, we will explore three essential interviewing strategies ...
  • why are small businesses struggling?

    Why Are Small Businesses Struggling?

    Small businesses struggling is not new with various challenges that hinder revenue and profit production. Without access to deep resources like larger corporations do, generating revenues and profits becomes more of a struggle. One of the greatest challenges facing small business owners today is inflation. Over 62% of companies established since 2020 report closure as likely or very likely, should ...
  • business plans for restaurants

    Business Plans For a Restaurant

    An effective business plan is an indispensable asset to developing any restaurant concept. Business plans for a restaurant help refine and communicate your idea to others clearly while opening doors to success. Include a short summary and resume for every member of your management team to demonstrate that they possess both the talent and experience necessary for operating successfully, which ...
  • 7

    Entrepreneurship Tips in the Fitness Industry

    Fitness businesses owe their success to many factors. Some of these include creating an ideal work environment, welcoming change and providing exceptional customer service. Effective management is another critical element to the success of a fitness business, helping increase efficiency while simultaneously making sure all aspects are running smoothly. 1. Invest in your staff Hiring the appropriate team for any ...