5 Signs That Penny Stocks Are Soon Going To Climb


Every single serious investor knows how tricky penny stocks can be. These can bring in a huge profit but in most cases they are going to lead to capital losses. It is really important to see signs that penny stocks will increase in value in the near future if you want to make a good profit. If you do not notice the signs you are not going to make a profit. Although there are various signs that you can look out for and experienced traders will always figure out new ways to monitor penny stocks, here are some that should be obvious even for beginners.

Analyzing Money Flows

Money will flow in and out of penny stock trading. This impacts share price. If dollars flow from sidelines, increases normally appear. The reverse is also true. If you see money flowing out, stock prices normally go down. Use technical analysis indicators like OBV (On Balance Volume) and Money Flow to figure out if stock prices will grow or not in the near future.

Trading Volume Spikes

Penny stocks often see trading volume spikes when positive events are experienced or when good news appears. As soon as such events happen, prices tend to grow fast. Growth happens until buying demand goes down. Sometimes this lasts one day while in other cases it can take weeks.

If you see daily trading volume double average amount as stock moves up, it is a great time to make an investment. That is because the upward price trend you want is most likely going to happen.

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Company Public Quality Improvements

The company behind the stock will make various business decisions that will influence how everything goes in the stock market. It is really important to monitor all that the company does so that you can identify improvements in services offered. As you see them, investing is a good idea since prices will surely go up, at least a little. Something as simple as creating a blog for company news can increase penny stock value.

Past Management Track Record

A great indicator of future penny stock results is the past performance of the management team. In business we almost always see people doing the same things over and over again. Before you will put money into penny stock you should analyze the track record of key company personnel. CEOs that often multiplied stock values for past companies have to be seen as a good sign to consider.

Taking Advantage Of Increasing Market Share

When you see market share increases for a company, it means there is a greater product acceptance, higher sales and more pressure from competition. You can end up with predictable and steady market share gains. That is perfect as you do not want to be faced with unpredictable changes and volatility. Learning about market share is easy when you contact investor relations contacts. At the same time, financial reports, direct competitors and investor presentations can be utilized to figure out what market share is present. If you see the market share is growing, it is a sign that penny stocks will keep increasing in value.


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