5 Money Making Ventures Online that Never Work


There are things that sounded too good to be true but in the end, it just became a bust. In order to keep you away from ventures that may divest you of your hard-earned money, here are some ventures that you should know that will never, ever work.


Guaranteed search engine optimization

People will dupe you in thinking that they hold the secret formula to make your website on page one of every search result on Google. Lots of people have been fooled by the empty promises of people about giving your website traffic a boost. Spoiler alert: there is no guaranteed technique to make your webpage the star of the search results. If there is such a winning formula, would you be sharing it to other people in order to saturate the market?


Work at Home Jobs

People work at home for various reasons. One may have to work at home as a stay-home mom needing extra income. Home jobs are great as a part-time job for dad who wanted to earn during his spare time. The reasons that you may consider work at home jobs are endless but it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Here’s the punch line: there are sites on the Internet offering work at home jobs for free. Free! If there is one thing the Internet has taught us by this time is that looking for jobs or anything should be free.  You should never have to pay to learn how to work on the web.

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PayPal Pyramiding

Pyramiding scams have been in the world long before PayPal or even the Internet has existed. This classic scam took a new form by bringing its act into cyberspace. The goal is to dupe you into investing money that yields incredible results. So incredible that it only happens in dreams. Suddenly things that happen in your dreams become a very solid business plan. Well, not on this universe does that happen.


Guru Training

Gurus are out there asking you to pay them to let you on the secret that gave them hundreds of dollars. Guru Training will give you techniques how they made tons of money on the Internet. Again, we should be wise by now. If that is true, they will never reveal the secret and selfishly take the money.



Well if you spam once the spit hits the fan then karma kicks in. Spamming has become the worst idea ever. It will not give you significant results and at the same time it will just give you bad rep all over cyber space. Don’t spam unto others what others don’t spam unto you.  So by posting 100s of ads on Craigslist may sound like a good idea, you’re quickly going to look like a spammer.


People with the winning money-making formula will keep it close to their chests. There is no reason why they should share it.  With anything, money can be made online, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort.  Whether you want to blog, work with a call center or write, there are thousands of great ways to make money on the end.  The lesson in the end is to trust your gut, work hard and never give up.


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