Benefits of Life Insurance without medical exams


Is a medical test a nightmare for you? Or do you get dizzy whenever you see a needle or a test tube? If yes, than the conventional insurance policies with a medical test is, for sure, a torment for you.

You are too busy with your work and life that you can’t even schedule time for a med-check. In this case you ought to have a life insurance with no medical exam to secure your life and health. Plus this would allow you to able to provide for your family in adverse situations.


Why are no medical exam life insurances in a growing trend today?

Today you can hardly make time for the vital activities of your day to day life. Work, family and social responsibilities overload you with the exasperating burden. Plus some people really do not enjoy going through med-test; in some cases it could be a deal breaker. All these factors add up to generating great demand for insurance policies with no med-test.


What exactly does a no medical exam life insurance offer?

Most life insurance policies have underwritten policies for the requirement of a medical checkup. This checkup and the further processing of the insurance purchase might take from around 4 to 8 weeks. The whole process is very tedious and annoying particular for those who do not consider it is needed.

So the no medical test insurance policy offer you with a very good alternative. Here, you get an insurance cover without the med-test.

This insurance cover though is a bit more expensive than the usual ones for the insurer is taking a greater risk without a med-test. But that’s the cost you incur in the bargain for the comfort. In order to get this no-med test insurance you just need to answer some health questions honestly.

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Moreover, you can fill out an online form with all the details and get an insurance quote best suited for you. You can choose from a list of insurances from the whole life, term life, medical, critical disabilities to travel insurance.


Benefits of no med-test insurance:

  • The foremost and the most obvious one is that there is no medical test.
  • The results are very fast. Most no med-test insurance companies have a 24 hour turnaround.
  • Insurance proceeds are available to you or your family members generally are tax free.
  • If you have been denied the insurance cover because of your health conditions before, this is a good opt for you. Diabetes, chronic heart conditions etc risk the process of getting an insurance cover. So the safe option would be to go for a

Learn more about no medical exam life insurance:

  • If you are always running short of time for your routine activities, than making time for a med-check would be out of question. In cases like this you should better plan for insurance with low processing time. Exempting the process with the medical test saves a whole lot of time
  • If you dread being needled, medicated, or probed this one’s is just tailor made for you.
  • You haven’t been to a doctor in years. You feel healthy and fit than this insurance would offer you with a time saving alternative.
  • With this you do get all the other insurance benefits like the provision of financial proceeds in the instant of death, medical expenses cover (dependent on the type of term insurance or the contract’s provision), etc.
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Market is flooded with life insurance companies and their diverse alluring policies. The decision is up to you, choose what serves as a best fit to your needs.


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