Six Ways to Buy Things for Less


When it comes to buying things for less, it is absolutely not a crime to ask for discounts. And, in this bad economy, the last thing that you ever want to do is to pay for something in its full price. To help you buy things for less on your next shopping venture, here are six tips that you can use to help buy things for a lot less than the actual sticker value.


1. Cut the cost in half

If you have looked into the amount of money you spent on household and clothing items for a year and realized that it summed up way above your expected amount, it is high time that you buy the same items this year but for half the given price. For every item that you have bought half its price, the other half amount must go directly to your savings. At the end of the year, you will find that you have saved more and you would feel like you earned an extra as well.


2. Learn to negotiate

Whenever you want to buy something, avoid paying for the exact amount in full. In order to do this, you should practice the art of negotiating. Before finally paying for it, make sure that you have negotiated with the sales lady or cashier for a discount. Remember that if a certain item is not on sale, the store will definitely not prohibit you from negotiating for a discount. If you feel that you need to speak with the store manager when asking for a discount, go ahead and do it. Just be polite all throughout the process.

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3. Make use of your age 

Don’t you know that young and old people have the same advantage when shopping? If you are a senior citizen, ask for a senior citizen discount. If you are a teenager, ask for a student discount. This goes to say that you should always bring your ID with you whenever you want to go shopping. This will serve as your valid proof of your age to make you qualify for a discount.


4. Shop at consignment stores 

If you are aiming to buy a piece of furniture or any household item for a lesser amount, go to consignment stores. This is certainly the right place for buying things for as much as half the price. Another great thing about consignment stores is that you can find designer items there at a lower price compared to other retail shops.


5. Go to thrift stores

Most thrift stores, such as Goodwill, offer loyalty and rewards program for their regular customers. If you want to buy something at a lesser price without the need to wait for seasonal sales, go to thrift stores. They offer discounts for their loyal customer and senior citizens all year round.


6. Make friends with the store staff

One of the most common mistakes that people have when they buy or shop for items inside the store is that they ignore those salesladies. They do not realize that making friends with these salesladies will give them immediate access to news and information about sales. If you want to go shopping next time, make a conscious effort of saying “hi” to the store staff. This will absolutely become a good start towards befriending everybody in there. The next time you get into the same store, you will be surprised to be given a discount even before you asked for it.


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