4 Things To Consider When Writing Your Scholarship Essays So They Instantly Stand Out


Separating the scholarship application from all the others is not at all easy to do. There is a pretty good possibility that there will be different applicants that will have similar aspirations, grades, activities, and goals, especially for the really popular business scholarships.

Writing a really good application is very important. Your essay is always the very best chance of showing why you are the perfect candidate for the scholarship. When the recruiting committee fancies you, people responsible for the application acceptance will want to learn more about your home and school life.

A scholarship essay is not long but those paragraphs you right might be the most important ones ever. The problem is most people are not great writers so they will have problems convincing someone of accepting them for a scholarship. Fortunately, there are always things you can do in order to improve your scholarship essay. Here are 4 things you should always consider as you write the essay.

Understand The Audience

Every single scholarship provider will look for specific criteria in the analyzed students. As you receive the application, you want to carefully look at all questions written. At the same time, you need to learn all that you can about the organization that offers a scholarship and sees who received sponsorship in the past.

Does the scholarship provider put an emphasis on performance in the classroom? Is the interest higher when someone had problems at home? Is community service important?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself. Knowing the audience helps to avoid wasting time applying for scholarships you will most likely not get and when you fit the criteria, you can focus on what the providers want in your scholarship essay.

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Always Plan In Advance

You should always get a really early start on all applications. Basically, your planning and research should start at least one week before you believe it is a necessity. When you have enough time you can write a good outline so your essay remains concise. You want to generally focus on up to 3 main points that answer essay questions while being supported with extra added information.

When you do not plan in advance and you do not have enough time to work on the scholarship essay it is really easy to end up with a mediocre result since you do not actually manage to focus on the important aspects and make those fine changes that make a difference.

Make Scholarship Essays Passionate And Personal

As you start writing you need to remember the fact that there is a purpose for your scholarship essay: convince someone that you need to be considered for the scholarship. Your outline has questions that you have to answer and you need to cover every single required point. Add specific details that show the reader that you really care about the subject.

As an example, the common approach would be to mention that work is done by you with children that are disadvantaged. This is not personal. A better way of saying this is that your love of a sport led you to coach disadvantaged children. Do not say you got acting awards. Talk about how your acting roles and work helped you to get over the fact you were shy.

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Look For A Good Editor

The last thing that should be mentioned is that you do need to find a good editor that is going to help you. In most situations, the editor is a friend that is really good at grammar, a teacher or a parent. All scholarship essays will be instantly sabotaged by the fact you wrote awkward sentences or made some spelling mistakes. As you work a lot on trying to find the perfect words, making basic mistakes simply tends to happen.


The scholarship essay is a really big part of the application and a huge source of stress for aspiring students. However, when you start preparing early, you answer right questions and you clearly highlight why you are unique, the essay will become a standout.


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