How To Execute An Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

How To Execute An Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Way before the internet appeared there were marketing campaigns that were developed and used in order to make sales, normally through what we refer to as traditional advertising now: newspapers, magazines and television. As the marketing scene is nowadays different, we have to take a different approach. Influencer marketing is quickly increasing in popularity and that is what we will talk about.

The idea behind influencer marketing is really simple. You find an influencer and you use his services to increase sales for your products or services. Everything boils down to the idea that we are much more inclined to make a purchase in the event that someone we trust recommends something. This is where influencers come into play as they would normally convince us to buy something.

What you have to understand is that running an influencer marketing campaign is not as simple as finding someone, paying him for bringing in referrals and then waiting for sales to increase. You need a marketing plan, an influencer marketing plan.

Follow these steps:

Identifying The Audience

This is similar in all marketing campaigns. You have to identify the audience and understand all that you can about it. See what they like, where they hang out, the income level, interests, location, gender, age and basically everything that you can learn. The difference with other marketing plans is that you need to understand how to properly interact with the audience. See the platforms that they often use. For instance, in some cases selecting an influencer that is really strong on Facebook may be better than one that sems stronger because of the huge traffic he has on the blog.

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Selecting The Influencers

You need to select the right ones. This is the most important part of the process. As you understand what your audience is, it is time to find influencers that would properly reach the target audience. Let us think about an example. Eminem has a huge following on social media. However, it will be of no use to have him as an influencer if you sell golfing equipment. As a secondary example, if you want to sell Tabata training programs to women in New York, you will have no use for an influencer that mainly talks with people in Florida as followers.

Offering Influencers Reasons

After you reach out to the influencer, it is important that you offer a reason why he/she would talk about what you try to promote. This is not as easy as it seems. Such people will want much more than just basic information. Offer samples for reviews or ask about the possibility of organizing a contest. No matter what you decide, make sure that you offer reasons and that you communicate properly with the influencers, with respect and attention to detail.


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