5 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes That Happen Way Too Often

5 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes That Happen Way Too Often

Pinterest is a wonderful marketing channel for many different companies but it is often used in a totally improper way. Even marketing specialists have problems with this social network. While Pinterest is a great social media website that can be used to showcase products and brands, together with connecting with customers, you want to use it properly. If you do not do this, it is a certainty that you would not reach your goal.

While we can easily discuss dozens of different mistakes that you could make, here are some that you will want to always avoid since they are quite common. Focus on them and make sure that you use Pinterest in a proper way. Avoid the following.

Pinning Just The Products Of Your Company

Traditional marketers see the mistake as being counter intuitive. Modern marketers understand the fact that when they only promote the products of a specific brand, the campaign does not bring in optimum results. Using social media is all about talking with the market. You can only do that with Pinterest when you promote products that would be suitable for potential customers.

Improperly Completed Pinterest Business Profile

Most people out there make the rookie mistake of not using a business Pinterest account. This should not be your case. Also, you want to be sure that the profile is completed. You should be aware of the fact that there are various differences between the business and the personal Pinterest accounts. Business accounts will make everything look a lot more professional. This increases credibility, which is definitely what you want.

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Look at the business profile and complete every single section. Add a website link and use branded logos. That helps you to identify the business. The about section on the Pinterest profile has to explain what the business does and highlight why eople should follow.

Not Adding Prices

Statistics show that the Pinterest pins that have a price will get close to 40% more likes than those that include no price. You can so easily avoid this mistake by simply remembering this from now on. Make sure that you include prices in the description you write for your pins. Adding prices in pin images is also a good idea but this will require some design skills.

No Link To The Product Page

This mistake keeps happening all the time with Pinterest accounts. If there is a product pin that does not link to landing pages, the entire Pinterest marketing opportunity is wasted. You want to use Pinterest in order to obtain repins. Never forget about this important part of Pinterest marketing. As an extra tip: make sure that you make your link trackable by using bit.ly, UTM codes or similar.

No Image Description

This is something that is really annoying. As you pin the image, you want to always add some sort of description. If you do not do this, the pins are not even going to appear in the social media site search. If the pins do not appear in the search, there is a really low chance that you will be repined.


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