Really Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Really Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Influencer marketing can be highly successful. There is no way to deny that. The problem is that many mistakes can be done while trying to create something that would work well for your business. We are going to highlight the really common and damaging mistakes that people tend to make when they want to create effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Choosing The Influencers That Are Not Proper

You do not have to remain focused on how many followers an influencer has. This is one of the last things to consider. What is very important is to outline the objectives and goals in a proper way so that you can find the influencers that perfectly match company objectives, goals, demographics, brand values, messaging and reach. The stronger your background research, the higher the possibility that you will be able to find influencers that are very good for your brand. Remember that these influencers will represent your company. Always choose wisely.

Creating A Disorganized Campaign

It is really important that you build one system that will create campaigns based on the results you want to have. The editorial calendar needs to lay out absolutely all campaign steps. This does include deadlines, the responsibilities of the influencers, goal tracking and follow up.

It is the responsibility of the organization that hires the influencer to highlight how the individual will participate in a campaign. If you just offer complete freedom and the campaign is not properly built, problems are going to appear.

Improper Communication

This is a problem that is so often overlooked. It can completely destroy an influencer marketing campaign. The most important part of the program is engagement. It is impossible to achieve that when a good relationship is not built with the audience leader and when communication is not strategically planned.

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Always make sure that you discuss absolutely all communication channels that have to be used and when the communication will actually take place. Also discuss the communication that will happen between the influencer and his/her following. You want the brand to be properly represented.

Lack Of Direct Contact With The Influencer

So many companies out there simply hire services to manage the marketing campaign. They do not directly discuss with influencers. This is bad as brand integrity can be affected. While it is not a bad idea to hire such a service manager if the experience is proper, it is always best to have direct contact with influencers since they will represent the brand. When the connection appears, the extra advantage of establishing a long term relationship with influencers comes in.

Lack Of Payments For Influencers

There are so many emerging influencers and bloggers that will work with your brand in order to gain free products, invitations, experiences, discounts and so on. This can be beneficial but you cannot actually expect to have great results when you work with them. You should focus on strategically building a relationship with the influencer and actually compensate them for the fact that they leverage the audience. They do spend money and time building so work with them as partners.


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