How To Use Scarcity In Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Use Scarcity In Email Marketing Campaigns

We did talk about scarcity marketing a few weeks ago and we regularly mention email marketing as a great way to get some sales. The great news is that we can combine scarcity marketing with email marketing. However, you need to do it properly. Because of this, here is what you have to take into account.

Compare The Product To The Market

Just do it fairly! This practice is really important because sales are lost when scarcity is used and you are not honest about the position you are in. For instance, many offer a limited quantity of a specific product at the same price of a well-renowned store. In this case, it is that store that actually wins customers instead of you.

Determining Who You Are Marketing To

In most cases the decision you have to make is whether you would market to older customers or new customers. When there is not much competition available or if your service is better than that of the competition, email marketing campaigns can be pointed towards newer leads. Make sure that you take into account who you are talking to at all times.

Always Keep Your Word

This is highly important. In the event that you create a scarcity based email marketing campaign that lasts 2 days, it is what you have to offer. Extensions would not be seen well by those that bought or that are interested in buying. Credibility is lost when the extension happens or when there are too many similar deals that are offered in a short period of time.

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Never Overuse Scarcity Marketing

Scarcity is a great selling tool but that is not the case when you overuse it. When there is an email received every single day saying that there is a special deal available until midnight, the receiver understands that this is just a strategy and that there is no real urgency present. Combine your marketing strategies and always offer something different so that you can keep potential clients interested.

Each Email = One Goal

Only use one scarcity per one email sent. Anything else would not be proper. Let us think about Amazon. This huge store often has products with a limited number of items available in stock. However, they do not send an email with 20 of these items highlighted. Smart businesses segment email lists and focus their marketing strategies based on the people that receive emails.

Wisely Repeating Email Campaigns

Just because of the fact that you should not often use scarcity does not mean that you cannot repeat campaigns if there is a lot of time present and other offers available between them. At the same time, you can send reminders about the scarcity campaign you promote. Just do not do it 24 times in one day! Take into account what open rates exist for the subscribers you have at the moment and often test your email campaigns in order to have the best possible results.


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