Starbucks’s Successful Business History


Starbucks Corporation is an American company specialized in coffee and which has developed a wide range of shops in the industry around the world. The location of its foundation is Seattle, Washington and the year when its history started is 1971.

The Foundation of the Famous Starbucks Corporation

The primary Starbucks shop was opened on 31st of March, 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Three coffee fans entered a partnership at that moment with the focus on offering people the chance of enjoying the fresh sense of coffee beans while being out with their friends and family in a specific location created for this. An English teacher, a history teacher and a writer managed to come up with this idea that started low but could be further developed in the future to reach its current level.

The initial focus was on selling high-quality coffee means and equipment. The newest technologies of roasting beans were considered at that moment. The name of the company was given after the chief mate in Moby-Dick: Starbuck, after winning in front of other names that were considered such as Cargo House and Pequod.

In 1987, the original owners sold the Starbucks chain to their former employee, Howard Schultz. He rebranded the initial concept and started expanding fast. The first location outside of Seattle was opened that year and the expansion continued slowly but surely. Noticeable results began to be noticed in time due to the expansion in the type of products offered to clients as well as the services focused on a positive customer experience every time.

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Current Data about Starbucks

In the present, Starbucks Corporation operates thousands of locations around the globe in countries like the United States, China, Canada, Japan as well as several European states. It is considered the primary representative of the so-called second wave coffee concept.

It has managed to reach such advanced levels by focusing on the quality of the offered products as well as the customer experience. Those who have become avid fans of their services are appreciative of the wide variety of tastes made available through distinct products and the way in which their requirements are always met in a professional manner.

Those passionate about coffee in all its possible forms of presentation can now enjoy both cold and hot drinks in the places where Starbucks Corporation has established new selling locations. You can enjoy a hot espresso coffee, a delicious coffee latte as well as a wide range of tasty loose-leaf tea products and Fresh juices.

They have also included some delicious pastries to go perfectly with the beverages they sell as well as interesting cracks and chips to go along with the overall fun experience. The whole concept now has become a location where you simply gather around with friends and feel connected through the perfect taste of delicious coffee, tasty tea or freshly baked cookies created with the help of natural coffee beans and ingredients that are perfectly flavored to match your preferences.


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