Larry Ellison Business Quotes That We Can Learn From


Larry Ellison is one of the most well known businessmen in USA and the world, a personality that is outspoken and that is often surrounded by controversy. In case you did not know, he is currently the third wealthiest of all men in America and his fortune is evaluated at 48 billion dollars. It is obvious that he has things to say and we can learn from him. Let’s take a look at some of his business quotes and see what we can learn right now.


Larry Ellison

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This is definitely something that we should all understand. It is normal for others to tell you that you are nuts when you come up with something that is really special. This happens because of the fact that we all want to feel comfortable. Whenever something different appears, our comfort starts to be shaken. On the other hand, all great innovations that ever appeared were seen as something nuts. Everyone from Tesla to Columbus was seen as nuts. As long as you are 100% sure that you are not nuts, chances are you came up with something interesting, new, successful.



It is always a great idea to analyze what the top businessmen do. However, we cannot just copy them in order to be successful. If you take a look at Zuckenberg, you will notice that he is pretty much copying Steve Jobs but he does not do it completely. He does change various things while only staying focused on the good things, the ones that can help him. That is what you should do. Learn all that you can about all people from Larry Ellison to Donald Trump. Study them and see what you can learn from them instead of what you can do to copy them.

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In order to reach success, we need to be faced with challenges. It is normal to have problems and it always happens that something unexpected appears. Those that manage to go over these disadvantages manage to eventually reach success. Why stop in the event that something goes wrong? Larry Ellison always fueled controversy and attacked various industry leaders, all while knowing that problems help in reaching success.

When you see that everything goes smoothly, you should worry a little since a problem might appear in the future. Do not leave your guard down and be prepared for anything! Read all the biographies of the truly successful businessmen and see why they managed to achieve that success!


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