Bill Gates Quotes That Teach Us More About Business Than Some Books


Bill Gates is definitely a huge success story. He is known by everyone and there are tens of millions of computers that use Microsoft software or operating systems, maybe even more. On the whole, this is a man that we can learn a lot from and that is what we will do right now. Let us take a look at some overlooked Bill Gates business quotes. While people do keep repeating the same quotes over and over again, we will try to surprise you.


Bill Gates

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Bill Gates Quote



The importance of customer feedback is huge. You need to basically try to figure out everything that you can about the shopping experience that people have when promoting any product or service. By taking into account the complaints that some customers give you, it is a guarantee that you can make everything better.





There are dozens of stories about incredible business successes that eventually did not help out much as the companies went out of business. Keep in mind that you can actually end up with a hit overnight from time to time or once in your life. What you do afterwards is what counts more than what you do to get your big break. After you reach success, a wrong step can lead towards failure.



We can say a lot of things about this quote. At first glance it does seem simple but what counts the most is figuring out the fact that we cannot stand still. Overestimating changes is not always a good idea but it is a lot better than underestimating anything. Business managers and marketers need to look ahead instead of staying focused on what will happen on a short term basis. This can turn out to be a mistake that would ruin a company as it would lag behind other firms that understood the importance of long term planning.

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Just because you have a really great idea does not mean that someone else will not have the same idea in the near future. In business you need to act. As soon as you come up with something, do all the research and see if that idea is a viable one. If it is, you are much better off implementing it soon because you can be sure that others will figure out that gold mine that you just found.




This goes straight for the same principle of investing money in PR. The truth is that we need to educate markets and people. The best possible customers are not necessarily those that find you but those that you manage to create yourself. It might seem like a difficult concept but it is one that drastically applies in business. For instance, let us say that you come up with a new product that has nothing similar as competition. In this case you can be a pioneer and basically create your very own business channels.


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