Tips On Designing A Productive Startup Office Space


Many of the new startup offices are different than what we saw in the past. If you just take a look online at some of them, you will notice features like big screen TV sets, modern kitchens, comfortable sofas, XBOX 360 units and a whole lot more. You might wonder why that happens. The answer to such a question is really simple: it keeps employees motivated and happy.

We should offer some tips that will help you to design a startup office environment that will be a lot more productive than the classical cubical design. We are sure that you will end up loving everything that you create.


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Choose Location For Employees Not For Businesses!

In the past most startups opened offices in office buildings or in industry districts. This is not such a great approach. You need to offer a sense of life outside the work place. It is recommended to have access to fast takeaway options and bars should be close by so that employees can go out for a drink after work, have fun and feel like this is a reward. If you do not have access to such facilities where the office is located, you might want to include them in your own office. There are many startups that actually have bars, cooks and much more when it comes to making everyone feel like at home.

Open And Cozy Spaces Are Recommended

Speaking about feeling like being at home, many employees simply love to work remotely. However, you may want them in the office. In order to reach a compromise, how about using a really large office space that is cozy and comparable with home? The trick is to have a balance between quiet space and collaborative space. This will offer the employee the opportunity of choosing when he wants to work in peace and when he wants to engage in social interaction. However, remember that you have to offer ways in which the employees can communicate efficiently when you have various working locations available.

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Adding Weird Extra Perks

If an employee does not feel like he is at work, there is an increased possibility that a brilliant new idea will appear and it will seem totally unforced. It is a great thing to allow the employee to personalize working space since that allows him to be inspired and inspire others. Use bean bags, ping pong tables, libraries, posters, table football, vintage gaming rooms and so on. Take a look at the Google office work space and see why people employed there are happy.

Talk To Employees Before You Start Work On Office Startup Design

At the end of the day we need to remember that we refer to a startup environment. You need to take into account the employees that are there for you right now. See what they like and talk to them so that you can get some feedback. For instance, it would be useless to have a ping pong table in a recreational room when nobody will enjoy using it.


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