Without spending a Fortune your Office can look smart and inviting

Just because the economy is slow does not mean your office has to look shabby. It’s always good for any business to look successful, and an attractive office makes a good impression on clients. With a few simple tips, any office can look modern and efficient as well as welcoming.
Clients see the waiting room first. This room can have a warm, inviting atmosphere with simple but attractive freestanding furniture, original paintings on the walls and lamps for lighting. Lighting makes a big difference in any room. Harsh, fluorescent lighting is uninspiring, and adjustable LED lighting can improve visibility, reduce eye strain and lower energy bills. It is better to have a lamp on your desk for focused lighting and as much natural light as the office will allow.
The office design should suit the type of work being done. For a company that depends on teamwork, a comfortable open area that is not too personal is the best. For a business that has order processing and batch work, more personalized spaces support higher productivity.
Natural light helps people relax and bringing in some plants will add to the inviting feeling. Plants that will grow well indoors in whatever kind of light is in the office should be selected, so they stay healthy. There’s nothing worse than a dry and dying plant as decoration. If a living plant is not practical, there are realistic looking artificial plants that add the feeling of nature to the office.
While you are thinking green, consider some eco-friendly furniture. It is the latest fashion and a trend that is here to stay. It will also up your company’s green profile if you include some furniture that has been manufactured with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) designated wood or GREENGUARD. You can also look into other environmental certifications to get renewable and recycled content as well as carpet and upholstery that do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Reorganize your organization process. It won’t cost much to get a few new filing cabinets, desks and other items such as baskets and file holders. Organizational items alone can make the office look and be better organized. Upgraded desk organizers that harmonize with or accent the overall theme and colors of the walls and carpet add style. The unifying look sends the message of a designers touch. It looks expensive, but isn’t.
If your office has wall art, change it. If you can’t bear to part with some of it, then change the frames. After some time, wall art becomes so familiar that it is invisible. If it is regularly rotated or changed, it upgrades the office as well as the alertness of the employees. There is excellent contemporary art available in galleries in most large cities that will enhance the modern office.
Office environments can go stale even if the air quality and lighting are excellent. Redecorating every few years with the minimum expense can go a long way to keep things fresh. Statistics show that adding a fish tank contributes to social cohesion and teamwork as everyone cares for the fish.
Lightweight mobile furniture is easy to rearrange and can be used to create intimate environments or large conference areas. Trolleys for mail are not the only mobile furniture available for offices. Whiteboards, partitions, tables and chairs can easily roll around the office space and facilitate whatever type of meeting is required. If regular upgrades are in the future, consider renting office furniture, so it will be easy to change every few years.


Author: Brenda Panin – Follow her on Google+.

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