Here’s When You Want To Use Drip Marketing


Drip marketing can be extremely effective if you want new clients but when should you actually use it? The problem is that we are talking about a blanket term that will cover various marketing strategies. The goal is almost always the same. You want to make the users stay engaged with a product or service.

While it is easy to come up with various different situations when drip marketing can be used, let us focus only on some of them. You can use the examples in order to realize exactly when you want to use drip marketing.

Convincing Leads

A lead is basically an individual that is a prospective customer, someone that may buy a product in the future but that needs something extra. Nurturing the lead is something that helps out a lot. It can come up in so many forms like educating the user on the service, helping him with some features or offering free trials.

Brands have to nurture the lead and convince the individual to do something. You use drip marketing when you are faced with such leads, transforming them into customers. While it is not possible to hold the hand of every single user that may be interested, you will be able to convince many of them with a great campaign.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

This is nowadays becoming a really common drip marketing strategy, even if most companies still do not understand the huge potential associated with such a choice.

What you have to understand is that the number of people that ditch a shopping cart that is full is much higher than you believe. Some studies even identified close to 70% of such shopping carts being abandoned. Using drip marketing will help you to figure out why the shopping cart was abandoned and you can even use it in order to convince people to finish the purchase.

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With abandoned shopping carts we normally see automated drip campaigns being used. They will help to re-engage the waivering customer and get him back to that BUY button. Such a strategy works with basically anything that you buy online.

Welcoming The Customers

If you get new people to sign up for a trial offer or to request some information, drip marketing can step in to turn those customers into clients. Also, a well-built drip marketing campaign can also help the business by turning one time customers into repeat customers.

Welcome emails are much more powerful than what you may think at the moment. As an example, when someone subscribes to a newsletter, the welcome email allows a drip that can offer content of high value or a list of the most popular products.


The last example that we want to highlight is another one that is gaining popularity but that is not as used as it should be. Whenever you have a service that is based on subscriptions, you want to remind your customers that it is time to renew. Automatic renewals can utilize autoresponders that send alerts and with the manual renewals, you can send in drip messages that increase the possibility of getting that desired renewal.

On the whole, we can say that drip marketing is definitely something you will want to consider, especially when you are involved in online marketing. While it can work with regular marketing channels and it is possible that you will increase sales even so, with online environments drip marketing becomes highly valuable.


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