Simple Tips To Help Your Videos Go Viral

Simple Tips To Help Your Videos Go Viral

There are many different videos that go viral every single month. It is quite difficult to run a successful viral marketing campaign and creating video that can go viral is definitely tough. In order to help your videos go viral, there are various things that we can mention. We will only stay focused on those tips that can help you out a lot.

Your Story Needs To Be Great

It does not really matter what you try to sell as long as the video showcases more than just that particular product. You have to stay focused on saying something in a way that attracts people. The viewers will not share videos that simply explain a brand’s merits. You have to be 100% sure that you always try to tell a good story. The truth is that the actual product can be showcased in just around 5% of the clip and still bring in tremendous results.

Start Everything Properly!

The first five seconds are the ones that count the most! These have to be very captivating and need to grab the attention of the viewer. You can use this through a dramatic intro, suitable music, using celebrities, action sequences and much more.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

After catching the attention of the user, you have to maintain the attention levels high. When a video does not create an emotional engagement, it is a guarantee that the audience will become disengaged or bored. In many situations making a person laugh or cry will help out a lot in making the video viral.

Do Not Shock The Audience

Most people out there love the feeling of being surprised. Creating something that surprises the viewer is what makes a viral tactic start properly. The problem is that so many end up shocking viewers, which is a very bad idea. Keep in mind that those videos that are too graphic or explicit will always be bad. Do a survey with a test group. If the people are shocked, you do not have a big chance of having a viral approach.

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The First Day

This is the most important part of the viral promotion process. If in the first 24 hours there are not many responses, the video will surely struggle in becoming viral. That is because of the fact that YouTube has quite a weird algorithm that will take into account how a person interacts with the video in the first 24 hours. The YouTube charts will surely have an impact on how viral a video goes.

The Importance Of Sharing

So many people just launch the video and expect views to grow. This is not a good approach. The marketer needs to try to make the content become as shared as possible. When it is shared a lot, it has a chance to become viral. You need to always remember that you have to tell a really good story, start it properly, surprise with your content and make the first 48 hours count as much as possible.


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