Seasonal Marketing Overview – Benefits To Remember


Seasonal marketing is not that hard to understand. It can simply be defined as being a marketing campaign that is based on seasonal holidays or trends. This is a really interesting and effective way to get brand new clients while also being able to maintain the relationship you have with the current clients.

As a simple example, let us consider Thanksgiving. This is where you can offer a discount for people that refer clients to you. You can use so many techniques and the great thing about seasonal marketing is that people naturally spend more during some seasons and holidays.

In order to properly understand why so many marketers use seasonal marketing campaigns, here are some benefits you will want to consider.

More Spending

The winter and fall seasons in particular are really busy for so many services out there. There is an increased possibility that people will spend more on various products and services. At the same time, more gift certificates are used and more clients look for coupon codes.

Increased Awareness

Seasonal marketing automatically brings in free press coverage for the business that is promoted. You can easily send a press release about the campaign that you are about to launch and this also brings in an increase in social media sharing.

Urgency Is Created

This is one of the less understood benefits. When you use a seasonal marketing campaign, you automatically create the feeling of urgency. Seasons are obviously temporary and clients know that the offer is only going to be available for a limited period of time. They will be tempted to buy since the offer will go away.

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At the same time, we are faced with clear predictability. You do not need a lot of inventiveness. The basic promotion themes that appear on a yearly basis can be used over and over again, with small modifications.

Using Seasonal Marketing

The main goal of seasonal marketing campaigns is to get new clients, through or without the aid of referrals. In the event that you want to create a really effective seasonal marketing campaign, the suggestions below can help you out:

  • Always Plan Ahead – The seasonal marketing campaign needs to be created way in advance. Analyze the holiday and see what major holidays appear. Think about what you can offer and how the message can be publicized.
  • Always Be Creative – You can find some seasons that not many know about and that you can use to your advantage. For instance, you may run a campaign for Earth Day or mark the anniversary of an important person in the industry.
  • Always Be Prepared – Work backward when you create your seasonal market campaign. You have to order postcards, business cards and whatever you may want to use in advance. Flexibility is necessary and you need to basically have all that you need when the campaign starts and during its life.
  • Proper Launch Time – The seasonal marketing campaigns should not be launched before the season starts. You have to plan everything accordingly so that you do not have a really bad timing.

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