How to Create a Precious Metal Investing Strategy for Beginners


Are you looking for the best asset to preserve your wealth for the future?

Precious metal investments have always been the best option, but many amateur investors avoid them out of fear. But fear no longer! This quick guide will show you how to create a precious metal investing strategy as a beginner investor.

Regardless of your current financial status or net worth, this strategy will help you grow your wealth for your future.

Here’s what you need to know:

Buy Precious Metals Each Month

Your first step is to buy physical precious metals each month. You should consult your financial advisor as to how much of your portfolio you should allocate to precious metal options.

You can start buying both gold and silver each month. If possible, try to be at least one troy ounce of each per month. While silver is more affordable for the average consumer, gold’s price can often be out of most people’s price range.

In such a scenario, consider buying gold in smaller amounts. You can buy half an ounce of gold or even one gram for less than $100 in most cases.

Consider an IRA 

Another method for buying precious metals is through an IRA option which you can read more about online.

With this option, you aren’t buying physical gold or silver bullion. Rather, you are investing in an account that owns large volumes of bullion. These accounts work to increase their bullion as much as possible.

As they do, your net worth in precious metals will continue to rise. This is the same procedure as a traditional Roth IRA or even owning stocks of a company.

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Just as you should buy physical metals each month, consider converting some of your cash into an IRA each month. With both of these options, you’ll get the highest return on investment possible.


An overlooked aspect of precious metal investments for beginners is storing their bullion. 

You want to hold the majority of your gold and silver bullion with you. This gives you complete control over your precious metals. While some investors don’t believe in offshore storage, this is crucial for protecting your wealth.

You have to expect the possibility of a wealth confiscation in your country. In such a case, you want to ensure some of your gold and silver bullion is located in a vault offshore.

Make sure you speak to an accountant and lawyer on how to legally store such bullion outside of your home jurisdiction.

Create Your Precious Metal Investing Strategy

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a successful precious metal investing strategy.

You should start by buying gold and silver bullion each month. Try to stick to at least one troy ounce of each metal. For gold, you can buy smaller amounts if needed.

The next method of owning precious metals and earning a high return on investment is to invest in an IRA. This gives you high returns in addition to your physical metals. Make sure you also invest in storage facilities to hold your metals.

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