5 Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Finances


Every penny, nickel and dime and you can save as a business owner is very important. This is especially true when it comes to investing in high quality marketing efforts to help promote your business. Whether you are the owner of a high-end personal training studio or a local nightclub, here are five marketing tips that will improve your finances.

Social Media

There is absolutely no cost involved in taking advantage of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can easily market your promotions, events and other business happenings by using these unique social media platforms. The great thing is that as you begin to drive traffic to your social media sites, your customer base will become more reliant on the information you put out through your social media accounts. That means a reduction in phone calls, print ads, and other traditional forms of advertising that can be quite expensive.

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Reward Loyal Customers

Rewarding your most loyal customers from time to time is also a good way to not only show your appreciation but to also grow your sales. It’s more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep an old one. Focus on keeping your long-time customers happy to keep the dollars coming in.

Go Mobile

Do you know if your website is optimize for mobile phones? If not, look into reformatting your site for mobile marketing purposes. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile phone browsers, there’s the potential you could be losing new customers who solely use tablets and other mobile devices. Also, SMS text alerts can also save you money if you keep a database of your customers’ mobile numbers. Instead of sending out coupons and other promotional material in the mail, try sending out SMS alerts to make your customers aware of new promotions and deals.

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If you are sending out paper newsletters to your customer base, stop immediately! Get your customers to sign up for an eNewsletter that can be rolled out on a daily or weekly basis. Not only will save time, but will also save money when it comes to printing.

Spread Like a Virus

Let your loyal customers be your best marketing campaign. Not only is word-of-mouth marketing more effective, but it won’t cost you a thing. People are more likely to believe other people when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Developing long-lasting relationships with your customer base is the key to generating ongoing referrals that will spread like a virus.

Hopefully you will find these four tips helpful when it comes to saving dollars in your marketing budget and putting money back into your business.


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