Team Building Exercises To Help Your Company Become More Productive


The idea of teambuilding has become very popular among companies around the world, due to the fact that they have understood the concept of productivity. Company employees are motivated by a lot of things and the working environment is in the top 3 list. The idea of getting along with your colleagues and having a productive working environment, not only enhances one person to perform better, but it also creates a place where people are coming with a smile on their faces. There are millions of examples of people that are staying with their jobs because they love their work environment. This is something to think about.

There are many ways to enhance the work environment for various companies as there are many methods, techniques and activities. Teambuilding exercises have the power to create such scenarios that are worth taking into account. Here are some ideas.

The Great Egg Drop

great egg drop

This is a great activity when it comes to creating trust, bringing forth leadership and more importantly, handling a task as a team. The purpose of the game is to form small groups and create a design out of various materials (straws, cups, ice, scarfs, etc) that is supposed to stop the egg from breaking after being dropped from a certain distance. The teams are encouraged to take up a name, choose a leader and distribute tasks according to the skills of the members. It does wonders for new workers in a certain working environment.

The Bonding Rope

binding rope

This particular idea will develop trust and teamwork. The rules of the game state that groups should be formed with a number of 3 to 10 individuals. Each team will be tied up with a rope and it has to run as fast as possible from point A to point B. This implies coordination, trust and a great deal of fun. The purpose of the game is to time each team and try to get them to compete against each other. The game doesn’t finish after just one race as the facilitator needs to give the teams the chance to make new strategies. Usually, the teams get to have 5 tries before a winner can be appointed.

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The Deck

deck of cards

This is a great idea to create a bonding experience throughout sharing. People have the tendency to relate to others if they share similar experiences. This particular game is simple: each card in a deck is designated to a certain period of one’s life (A – the current year, the Jack is linked to childhood, the Queen resemblance high school and so on). Each person needs to share a story from their past that occurred in that certain time frame. In this way, they get to know each other and a line of trust is bonded around them.

To conclude, there are many other type of activities that should be taken into account, especially when it comes to enhancing the work experience. It’s complicated to satisfy everyone, but with certain tools, this can be achieved.


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