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Today in a world where every type of information is accessible with the convenience of Internet, it is difficult to label a couple of blogs as the best ones for any niche. Marketing is a vast topic and there are thousands of ways to cover it so this post will be about those top marketing blogs to subscribe to for various reasons. There are a few characteristics of prime importance and if these are featured by a blog then this one should be considered as the top marketing blog for that specific niche and subscribed to immediately.

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News Breaker

There are 2 types of marketing blogs. The first one breaks news related to its industry and the second type follows the news. Technically it means that those who have subscribed second will be following the subscribers of the first blog since they are already outdated. The marketing world revolves in a continuous pace hence staying up-to-date is the only way of maintaining the lead. A good marketing blog will always be the news opener in the online environment.

Catered Blogs

There are marketing blogs that actually understand your problems more than you possibly can. They are specifically catered for you and should be subscribed to as soon as possible. For example, there are blogs for women marketers, discussing around the problems women have to face on their field with their rational solutions.

Neutral Viewpoint

The concepts of marketing are opposed and supported by different blogs at the same time. These blogs may have their own opinions expressed but opinions are not what we’re looking for. There can be one million opinions but what will remain the one and only is the “fact”. Hence the blog that discusses topics with rationality and has a neutral approach is what we need so as to develop our marketing sense in a wise manner.

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Clean Interface

Another technical pointer to mention here is the user-interface of the blog. It has to be clean and totally comprehensive. Something that shows you the way instead of something that makes you dig a tunnel to find what you’re looking for is what we are referring to here. The easier it is for users to access their marketing topics the more reliable that marketing blog becomes.

Credible Info

The information provided on a good marketing blog must come from a credible person who is renowned on the market for his techniques or they will be of no importance. It is significant to look into the writer’s profile to better understand where his knowledge comes from. This can be a good marketer who has the potential of training similar professionals.

Creative Technicians

As mentioned above, we don’t want to follow those who are following themselves. We need to follow those who are experienced professionals and have new creative marketing techniques on their fingertips to preach. That kind of people will never stop thinking for you and their stuff will always be unique to experiment and work with.

There are some blogs listed below with the aforementioned qualities:

These are amazingly creative blogs and have a lot of valuable information to share. They can practically push your marketing skills from a no-go to the pro kind of level if followed with precision of course.


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