Examples Of Great Guerilla Marketing Campaigns


In today’s world, brands face one important problem when it comes to advertising: they need to be spectacular in order to grasp the attention of the potential client from the storm of information that he experiences on a daily basis. Any company that wants to be in the interest area of an individual needs to start becoming relevant to that particular individual. It is important to understand that if a person is being bombarded with over 200 brands on a daily basis, how do you expect him to choose you?

Guerilla marketing campaigns are a great idea, especially when it comes to the noticeable part. They are creative stunts that are meant for a big boom for the desired target audience. Here are some examples of great guerilla campaigns that have proven to be very effective for certain brands.

#1 Nikon’s Celebrity Stunt

Nikon’s Celebrity Stunt

Nikon has developed an incredible stunt based on the idea that everyone craves for a feeling to be considered a celebrity. In addition, the brand is showing off the power of their flashes. It is an unconventional way to make the experience of a user extremely memorable. Additionally here, the red carpet enhances that experience and it gives the individual a certain special feeling.

#2 Duracell’s Batteries

Duracell’s Batteries

This particular idea is pretty simple, but extremely effective. Various busses around the city have been adjusted with a flashlight print that suggests the power of a Duracell flashlight. Every time the bus has its lights on, it gives the viewer the impression that the flashlight is that intense.

#3 The 2012 Movie

The 2012 Movie

This is an outstanding execution in order to promote the apocalyptical movie 2012 that illustrates the idea of the end of mankind by a gigantic flood. The image above illustrates the same concept through the idea that the walls are sinking in, creating the illusion that the whole surface will be filled with water.

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#4 Ford’s New Truck

Ford’s New Truck

This is a brilliant execution when it comes to the power that the Ford’s new F-150 truck and how capable it is to hold that particular weight. The fact that the crate is in the air attracts the attention of individuals and more importantly, it proves that the brand delivers its promise.

#5 Swiss Cancer Foundation

Swiss Cancer Foundation

This particular add aims to promote a strong campaign against skin cancer and preventing people from it. Basically, the two individuals are human promoters covered with flyers that advise people to be careful when it comes to their skin because it can be exposed to various types of outside factors.

There are many other examples that might be relevant when it comes to advertising in an unconventional manner. The purpose of this material is to illustrate that this particular method provides something that most advertising techniques don’t: they are memorable. Due to the fact that they are designed in a creative way, they stick in the minds of the consumers, making them memorable which is a spectacular aspect for a brand.


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