Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know About This Year


It is very hard to predict marketing trends. We do not say that this is 100% what will happen this year. However, it is something that we need to be on the lookout for. Digital marketing is all about making really good moves in the market while leveraging the online promotion channels that are available. With this in mind, here is something that needs to be considered.


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Digital Content Grows In Importance

So many digital marketing specialists keep telling you to hire a content manager. This is something that is incredibly important. Content marketing has its foundation in content strategy. You need to make sure that your content is as great as possible. While not all businesses out there need to hire a manager, content marketing is all about having the necessary knowledge to use good content, which is constantly growing in importance these days.

Real-Time Marketing Becomes Crucial

Real-time marketing is incredibly important. It can be defined as the practice and strategy of reacting as soon as possible on digital channels. You can so easily cover different channels in real time and when you have a proper management of the reactions you have, the customers will see you with different eyes. It is a certainty that in 2014 we will see marketers being challenged to use suitable real-time marketing in order to improve everything.

The Growth Of Native Advertising

Most people do not know what native advertising is. Make sure that you do not neglect it. Have patience and look at the channels that are available for such an advertising method. We expect to see many different agencies, publishers, technology vendors and brands that will invest a lot of money in this advertising trend.

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Media Channels Are Merging

We see a constant paid, owned and earned media collapsing into various marketing forms. Te trend is growing in speed and the consumers are influenced by this. Different media forms become digital and the merger is not limited by anything. So many expectations exist and only time will tell to see to what degree this marketing trend will become important.

We Are Going Mobile

This is definitely one of the digital marketing trends that we hear about every single year and we are definitely not surprised if that will keep growing. The number of tablets and smartphones that are sold is growing while laptops and PCs are not growing in popularity. With this in mind, it is a guarantee that new media strategies will be focused on real time, content and native advertising channels. We can say that there will even be companies that will first think about the mobile users and then analyze other market options.


If we are to mention just two digital marketing trends that we should be on the lookout for, we should focus on mobile marketing and content marketing. These two will grow in importance. This is a certainty.

What do you plan to do in 2014? Are there some marketing trends that you find as being really important and see them as highly important for your business?


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