What Can We Learn From Michael Dell’s Success Story?


Michael Dell is a name that is known by every single person that is involved in the tech industry. He is one of the people that is responsible for the eighties computer revolution. He created Dell Computer Corporateion (now Dell Inc.) and his success story is one that will help a lot of entrepreneurs willing to learn. Michael Dell is arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. At only 27, in 1992, he became the youngest ever CEO to have his own company ranked inside Forbes Top 500. He was referred to as an “overnight success” that managed Michael Dell helped launch the personal computer revolution in the 1980s with the creation of the Dell Computer Corporation, now known as Dell Inc.

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The formula that Dell used to success is one that is really simple and that we can all take into account. His first calculator was purchased when he was 7. By 8, he applied for high school equivalency exams. Since both of his parents were business owners, Michael wanted to be the same. Although he did not pass the exams, he still tried.

The first computer was bought when Dell was 15, an Apple II. After just a couple of days, he took it apart so he would see how it works. As high school years past, Dell already had sales experience and was running a small business. After he got to college, a new company was started, a firm that sold software and computer upgrades. Before the senior year Dell got a Texas government contract by outbidding different major computer maintenance companies that were huge at the time.

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Nowadays the worth of Michael Dell is of around $44 billion and most of this was achieved in the past 10 years. The reason why he was successful is simple: applied experience.

Ever since Dell was little, he was interested in technology and computers. As he hit college, he realized how much money he could make in the industry. He practically leveraged his experience years and brought value to people’s lives.

What does this actually mean?

All this basically means that you can use your experience in order to make money and start your own business. It is something that can help you. Every single millionaire in the world used applied experience in order to be as successful as they are. The truth is that you cannot actually make money if you do not know how to make money. Make sure that you do all that you can in order to gain experience so that you can apply it properly in the future.


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