Advanced Forex Strategies You Might Want To Know


Using advanced Forex strategies is important if you want to get the most out of your trading. You can find these strategies in books, webinars and online courses. They can help you make your trading more profitable, while helping you avoid the mistakes that many traders make.

Order block trading strategy

Using order blocks can enhance your trading strategy. They can boost your trades while decreasing your risks. You can use order blocks to identify significant areas in the market.

A block order is a type of special buy or sell order. These special orders are used by banks and financial firms to enter and exit a position. They can also be used to scale trades. In a large position, a bank may not want to upset the price. Instead, they may lengthen the range to avoid volatility and trending marketplaces.

The order block consists of a range of incoming orders. It is also used as a chokepoint for order flow. This can help increase the likelihood of normal zones reversing.

It is also important to consider that not every range is an order block. The order block is usually the best way to identify the most significant areas in the market.

Swing trading vs position trading

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, you’ll want to understand the differences between swing trading and position trading. These two methods are similar, but they differ in their focus. They both aim to make bigger profits by trading in the short term.

Swing trading is a form of directional trading where you try to capitalize on the short term price movements of a stock or currency pair. This is done by using technical analysis and a wide stop loss to enter the market and exit the market.

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Position trading, on the other hand, focuses on catching larger percentage price movements over a longer period of time. Traders adopt a style that suits their style of trading and risk taking abilities. Traders also choose strategies that best suit their goals.


Traders who adopt scalping trading strategies usually prefer technical analysis methods. Typically, they use advanced charts to analyze historical price movements. They then identify entry and exit points for trades.

Scalping can be very profitable, but it also requires a lot of effort and focus. To make scalping work, you must have a good understanding of the forex market and the charts. You also need to be patient and avoid trading too soon.

The key advantage of scalping is its ability to capitalize on small price movements. It is also a strategy that works in both up and down markets. It is based on the premise that larger moves occur less frequently. By placing several small winning trades during a trading session, you can make a large amount of money.

Bladerunner price action trading strategy

Using the Bladerunner price action trading strategy, you can trade in all time frames, all currency pairs, and any market condition. This is a highly effective Forex trading strategy that is suitable for both short-term and day trading.

The bladerunner price action trading strategy uses the 20-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as its tool. The EMA acts like a sharp knife that cuts price action into two. The EMA also acts as a market direction indicator.

The Bladerunner trading strategy is most popular on shorter-term time frames, but it can also be used on longer-term time frames. It can be used across multiple currency pairs, but it works best with instruments with higher volatility.

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Using the bladerunner strategy, you look for a breakout from a trading range. Once you have confirmed this, you place a short order. Then you wait for the price to retest the breakpoint. If it is successful, you place another short order. Then you wait for a second retest, and a third retest.


Developing trend-spotting skills is a key ingredient in successful trading. While this is especially true for forex strategies, it is also useful in stocks and commodities. Using trendlines in these markets gives traders a better idea of the direction of the price and gives them a better chance of making a profit.

Trendlines are sloping support and resistance lines that are drawn to help identify trends in price movements. They can be used in conjunction with other trading strategies. These trendlines can be drawn in a variety of ways.

These trendlines are drawn by connecting a series of period highs, lows, and closes. The higher the number of points, the stronger the trend. They are also used to identify sideways markets.

The simplest way to draw a trendline is by connecting two swing lows to a straight line. This creates a “uptrend”. However, some analysts use different methods. Some connect open prices, while others only connect the closing prices.