Tax Deductions You Most Likely Do Not Know Anything About


You can pocket extra income instead of giving it over to the government through deductions. If you have a good record, the IRS can actually give you money back through them.

Most people already know about some of the common deductions like those for charitable donations and property taxes. However, what many do not know is that there are dozens of tax deductions available. Let’s mention some of those that are normally overlooked due to a lack of knowledge or the belief that they cannot be gained.

Home Selling Tax Deductions

You can obtain various write-offs every year when you own a home but you can also get tax deducations when you sell it. For instance, the fees associated with unloading the home can be deducted. Property taxes can still be deducted if you only lived a part of the year at an address and even the commission that you paid for the work of the real estate agent. Closing fees are also deductible, just like some of the costs when you are moving overseas, as long as local laws are respected.

Worthy Cause Fees

Let’s say that you donated a pair of jeans for a charity and you increased miscellaneous deductions. In this case, you want to include the associated fees like appraisal fees for any item that you donated. IRS requires the person that asks for the deduction to prove the appraisal through a qualified party if the item is worth over $500. When you donate items like appliances or electronics, the fees that you pay for professional appraisal are deductible.

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Donate Your Time To Charity And Receive Deducations

There are so many that volunteer in the community and spend their own money in order to reach the charity. Such an expense is actually a miscellaneous deduction. It does not matter if you are driving a personal vehicle or you go by train. If you are involved in charitable activities, you want to keep public transportation receipts and log mileage stats for the car, together with getting receipts for tolls and parking.

Saving Money When You Ship Out

This is not well-known but the IRS actually understands the fact that sometimes you will need to ship documents for work or baggage before departure dates. You can write-off baggage and shipping costs when included in miscellaneous deductions. There are many airlines that will charge more to check bags. The deduction helps you to get some money bag when moving something from one location to the next, as long as the personal expense is associated with a business.

Tax Deductions For Being Fit

The truth is that it is expensive to stay healthy and get fit. The IRS will offer tax deductions aimed for medical expenses. However, you can only get a part of those expenses back. When you get insurance reimbursements, you cannot take advantage of any tax deduction. A part of the cash that you pay for having long term healthcare insurance will ease tax burdens. That is because the insurance is considered as being a deductible medical expense. Transportation related costs when connected with the insurance policy can be deducted.

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The examples above are just some of the tax deductions that most people know nothing about. Generally speaking, it is a really good idea that you hold on to all the receipts that you get, especially for services. You never know when they can be deductions. As you work with a tax filing professional, you can find options you knew nothing about but you still need the receipts.


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