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    Guerrilla Ads – How to Create Original, Clever and Well-Timed Ads That Get People Talking

    Successful guerilla campaigns must be unique, creative, and strategic – but understanding your target audience is the key. Guerrilla marketers can leverage multiple emotions. From startling, to frightening or surprising their audience with something innovative that resonates, guerrilla marketing can create innovative concepts that resonate with customers and drive follow up and brand advocacy. Targeted broadcast and localized campaigns Guerrilla ...
  • personalization in marketing

    The Importance of Personalization in Marketing

    Consumers increasingly crave tailored experiences. A 2021 study discovered that 75% of shoppers adopted new shopping behaviors during the pandemic outbreak. Personalization in marketing became a priority. Personalization leaders take advantage of data and analytics. They identify customer outcomes and use cases, align organizational resources accordingly, and develop and hone capabilities that facilitate growth. Creating a Personalized Experience As a ...
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    Bitcoin Breakdown. A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin Currency

    Bitcoin launched in 2009, but its huge popularity is a more recent affair. By October 2010, it only had a value of 10 cents. If you bought $100 worth of Bitcoin back then, you’ll have around $30 million based on its current value. It’s why Bitcoin is making the headlines: its value is always fluctuating wildly. Many Bitcoin owners turned into millionaires in a ...
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    Real Estate Investment Skills You Need To be Successful

    When you take a look at the high school electives, you will not find real estate investing on the list. There is no accreditation exam and no college guidance counselor that will recommend a real estate investment career. There are so many things that need to be understood about real estate investments that we can easily tell you that you ...
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    Very Easy Ways In Which Small Businesses Can Save Money

    Small business owners quickly understand how valuable every single dollar is. This is true even if sales skyrocket. Money needs to be stretched and savings need to exist. You have to lower costs but how can you do that in a way that will not hurt your business? This is so much easier said than done. The following tips will ...
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    Gadgets Every Single Modern Businessman Needs

    We moved towards the digital age of business so it should come as no surprise to see that we now need numerous gadgets in order to function properly. The modern businessman now needs specific tools in order to increase productivity and actually be competitive. Remember that when it comes to technology, if you are an early adapter, you stay ahead ...
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    Tax Deductions You Most Likely Do Not Know Anything About

    You can pocket extra income instead of giving it over to the government through deductions. If you have a good record, the IRS can actually give you money back through them. Most people already know about some of the common deductions like those for charitable donations and property taxes. However, what many do not know is that there are dozens ...
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    Guerilla Marketing Tactics You Should Seriously Consider

    Guerilla marketing stands out as something that any business can use. It can creatively promote services and products in a way that is unconventional, all while not having to invest a large amount. All marketers love how low-cost guerilla marketing is and how its ROI is higher than with other similar options. Basically, guerilla marketing works by you repurposing the ...