Student Lettings Is a Growing Market


Student lettings are a growing market as seen in the current trends. Ha market has grown tremendously from 2005 through 2010 and now has become one of the major investments today. Investors China have come into the European market and aided investors put up structures to support student letting. With the increase in the number of colleges and universities providing more opportunities across the board, more and more students are joining creating a big need for accommodation. The colleges and the universities have run out of space with 100% enrolment and sometimes more. These factors among many others have made accommodation a good investment. It has now taken over as the number one housing revenue giver and is getting bigger by the day. There are a number of reasons that have made this investment worth the while.
The fact that the students are getting longer study hours means that they are in dire need of accommodation. The colleges and the universities are opening up to provide more study hours to cater for the rising student population. The rising population was once dictated by the number of rooms available for the students but with the advent of affordable accommodation from investors, the colleges and universities have allowed more to come in per session.


The job market is also getting tricky by the day. More students are spending more time at the university to improve their qualifications. This means more hours in school again. The students need accommodation for this. Unlike the previous case scenario where long holidays took a toll on renting, it is new possible to have students in the rooms all through the year. The housing availability is becoming more and more inviting with foreigners and interns staying in universities and colleges longer.

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Banks and investors have also opened up to these investments. The banks are calling upon more and more people to invest in this real estate option and are giving really interesting options. You can complete a whole building on a loan and get to pay for it after with the interest. This is creating more opportunities for those looking to invest in the area to do it with very few challenges. The fact that the international communities are also targeting the area for investment, has made investors more and more interested in the area. The market for student letting is growing by more than 30% every year and will continue to as more students join the colleges.


Student letting is a growing market and this has opened new channels for the insurance companies. This has also made it easier for the investors when it comes to covering the students and their property. The insurance companies had for the longest time not walked in on this deal. They are now insuring student property, student letting properties and many other policies dealing with the whole deal. This has made the area more accommodating as the compensation plans improve with time.


Student letting will only grow with time. Some students will stay in college for more than 5 years. This when laced with the option of more students coming in within the same 5 years is creating a bigger need for student letting accommodation.


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