Strapped For Cash: Best Places To Sell Off Your Unwanted Goods


Sometimes the money we earn simply doesn’t stretch far enough. There are several people out there that have learned the art of living on minimal amounts of cash, but for those who aren’t aware of these techniques the next best thing is to sell a few unwanted possessions. You can sell anything from some old clothes and crockery to furniture and even your car. Here we take a look at some of the more common places to go when money is scarce.



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This is one name that you will almost certainly have heard of, both for better and for worse. Ebay is the go to site for various people and for good reason as most items are of a reasonable price and they literally sell anything. You do need a separate sellers account to be able to list your own items and it does cost a couple of pounds but it is certainly value for money. You can choose to put your item as an auction piece or alternatively you can list it as ‘Buy It Now’. You can also list the condition of the piece you have i.e. new, used


This site is one of the more popular places to turn to as they list anything and everything! Gumtree act as a sort of middle man in the sense that the buying and selling is down to you, but the advertising is down to them. They have a few listing options for a few pounds but they also have free basic listings for those with nothing to spare. You can attach as many photos as you like, plus if you give them your postcode they can include a small map within the listing so that others can see roughly where you live.

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Music Magpie

Music used to be in a much more physical form, but as of late more and more people are turning to the digital world for their tunes. Music Magpie isn’t a very old site, but has slowly become much more popular, and now buys DVD’s, games, tech and even clothing. The system that they have for giving you an evaluation is simple. Enter the barcode, hit enter and hey presto you got yourself an offer! They even support various different charities including the Teenage Cancer Trust and the RSPCA.

Physical Gold

When people hear the words ‘cash for gold’ they immediately assume the worst. There are, admittedly, a lot of companies out there who are not afraid to scam you out of a few more pennies. Selling your gold, or even silver, can be of great benefit as it usual holds a lot of value. Physical Gold are one of the more trusted sources and can give you a quick and fair evaluation in no time at all. They buy and sell both gold and silver, and the site is simple to navigate.


This site is of a much similar vain to that of Gumtree in the sense that you are in control of most of the work involved. They too have both paid and free listing options, plus you can add various pictures although there is a lower limit and you do not need barcodes. Like their competitor they list all sorts of different items including clothes, furnishings and electronics. The site itself is just as easy to use as Gumtree, although being a lesser known source their listings are a tad scarcer but not by too much.

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For more information and guidance on selling your items simply have a look around online or visit the sites mentioned for more details.


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