The Importance Of A Terms And Conditions Page For Company Branding


There are so many things that will go through your thoughts when you launch a business or when you run a small company. The competition you are faced with is always high and it is so difficult to keep track of everything that you have to do. It is a guarantee that branding is on the list of your priorities but there is a pretty good possibility that your terms and conditions page is not. Believe it or not, a good T&C page is a part of branding and you have to be extremely careful with it. That is something that a lot of people forget and this can land a company in a world of trouble.

Why Do You Need A T&C Page?

A comprehensive terms and conditions page is needed because of the fact it clearly highlights what the company is liable for and includes various points of interest for potential customers. At the same time, we have a list of what customers can ask in the event of financial or legal restitution. If you have a really strong T&C page, you can be sure you will be covered from a legal point of view.

Terms And Conditions Pages And Branding – What Is The Connection?

You can easily use an online solution like that offered by Shopifyin order to create your T&C page but you might miss out on a lot if you do not understand the link between that page and your company branding. We are sure that you feel a little confused as in theory, the connection does not exist. However, in practice, the way you build that page says a lot more about your company than you may first imagine.

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A main reason why people recommend you hire a professional firm or T&C page writer is that the result needs to be professional. When you have a professional set of terms and conditions, the potential business partner or client will see you as a true professional. If you just use a regular template that you find online, you can be faced with a lack in the terms that are covered.

A client expects to see a terms and conditions page but does not want to see that he has to read through too many pages. Make sure you have all the conditions highlighted clearly and always use web formatting. Sometimes companies use just copy and paste and that does not look good. The client can end up feeling that the firm is not serious when the content is not adapted for online viewing. This says a lot about how you handle important situations and how you value the information you send out for clients.

It has to be added that through this page you also show that you are transparent. Any branding involves some degree of transparency in the sense that you want to show that you are open and that you always highlight the terms that people have to agree with when working with you. We see many firms that offer really long T&C pages when much shorter versions would be necessary. When a potential client reads that page, he sees that you may be more interested in something else besides offering a high quality service. This is not the sort of image you want to showcase.

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Creating A Properly Branded T&C Page

Branding this page is possible by simply using a generator and then modifying all the paragraphs that have to be changed. After you have the initial draft, you can continue doing work on it so that you can properly showcase your company. Do not live under the assumption that people will not read that page! Both partners and people interested in buying from you will.

With all this in mind, make sure that you always cover all possible legal aspects. This is true for everything you do from monetizing legal apps to launching a new product. Always list your company as it should be listed and be very clear in the approach. Some of the T&C pages are filled with legal jargon that is not actually necessary. The person that reads that will not like it because he will not feel as if he knows what is allowed and what is not based on the services you offer. Clear up the language and make sure anyone can use it. This is a lot more important than you may be tempted to think right now.

The language that is used on the T&C page also shows how you see your own branding. If everything is too complicated, it seems that you are too professional. In this day of age we do not want to come up as being way too professional unless we run a legal department or we have a direct contact with something where professional jargon is absolutely necessary. If that is not the case, simplify everything and aid your entire branding through this page you create.


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