Scaling Content Marketing – The Proper Way


Nowadays, content marketing is far more important than it ever was. Basically all online marketers and brands started to use this marketing strategy and makes constant changes to it so that great search result rankings can be gained. We are talking about a marketing branch that showcases proven efficiency. With this in mind, scaling everything becomes vital for any company that is interested in proper branding.

Create Content That Is Hard to Replicate

This is highly important. If you manage to create high quality content that is very tough to replicate, you are basically guaranteed that you will establish authority in the industry. Most successful web content publishers use this strategy in order to create something of a really high quality. You need to be sure that all the content you create is:

  • Appealing visually
  • Based on data
  • Comprehensive
  • Including functions that are interactive
  • Built around unique and solid ideas

Make sure that your content assets are optimized for searching. That will make it really easy for people to find all the information that is necessary because of the fact that search engines will properly understand what content is offered.

Improving Earned And Owned Media

You need to strengthened earned and owned media in content marketing. Try to keep growing the readership of the brand and focus on making it extremely easy for anyone to subscribe to your feeds and email lists, together with following on the social network channels you have.

Content Discovery Scalability

You basically have to be sure that the content you create reaches people that need it. With this in mind, consider the following:

  • Build good internal links to them so that you can have articles promoted through the new content you push you your sites.
  • Acquire visibility and links from discussions and pages that are topically relevant and that get good traffic.
  • Distribution channels – use industry publications and regular columns, guest blog posts and all that you can to get more traffic. Alternatively, repurpose content with the use of sites like YouTube and Slideshare.
  • Use industry forums, subreddits, websites like to establish brand authority.
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Using Relationships

In this industry, relationships have huge impact on success, marketing and even customer acquisition. You have to engage and connect with influencers and other content publishers that are similar to you. When you have industry connections, you will see that content is shared voluntarily and you can amplify brand reach.

Treat Content As Landing Pages

Content will always be stronger in the event that it has goals. Just like with the regular landing pages, you need to be sure that content is helpful in achieving the short term and long term goals of your company. You need to have an aim that visitors take some sort of action. Optimize all the call-to-actions, link to internal resources that are useful and encourage interactions/discussions.

The Importance Of The Author Personal Branding

It is very important that you build a strong portfolio as an author and as a brand. When there are authors that are well-recognized, all will work better. Make sure that you always build a very strong personal brand as a blogger or an author. With this in mind, consider the following:

  • Get opportunities for interviews
  • Try to collaborate with authors that are well-known so that shareable content is created
  • Apply as a regular contributor or columnist on industry blogs that are popular
  • Establish expertise and trust by having interactions

Making Evergreen Blog Posts Pages

We need to understand that high ranking power is stronger with pages when compared with blog posts. New content is somewhat favored in search results. With this in mind, the old and evergreen blog posts will not be as visible in SERPs. If you do have such posts, move them towards pages so that they can increase and sustain search rankings.


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