How To Improve Business Planning Skills


Planning skills are vital for the modern entrepreneur that needs to think in advance and make smart business decisions even before they have to be taken. Improving your personal planning ability and planning skills is not something that should be seen as secondary. It is vital in the modern business environment.

Some people have great planning skills while others are not so great. If you fall in the second category, you will want to consider the following.

Forceful Planning

You need to force yourself to plan as often as possible. This is where it all starts. Even if your plans are horrible and you make a lot of mistakes, you gain the mindset that is necessary to constantly improve planning skills while learning from your mistakes. For instance, if you plan to finish a project in 2 days and you end up doing it in 4 days, you will know next time to double the amount of time that you dedicate to a similar activity.

Schedule Time To Plan

This is something that you may not ever consider but it is really effective. You have to schedule time that is uninterrupted, every single day. Dedicate that time to plan. Anticipate all the possible problems that you can encounter due to mechanical, material or people failures. In most cases a good practice is to add 50% more time than what you initially thought about. This includes your undisturbed scheduling time that is scheduled for the following day. Make sure that there are no disturbances. If necessary, leave the office or the home as you feel that you cannot actually get all the planning done.

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Schedule Based On Importance

You need to start by laying out your projects based on importance. What is the most important thing that you have to do in the following week? Plan based on that so that you can be sure that at least the most important tasks of the week will be carried out properly.

Write Down Everything

You have to write down everything. One of the really common mistakes when planning a business week is keeping everything too shallow. You have to list all activity steps associated with what you will have to do. Write them all down individually on a smaller piece of paper each. Sequence those paper pieces. That will actually help you form a psychological point of view.

Never Hurry Planning

This is the most important thing because of the fact that when you hurry your planning stage, you can end up faced with lacks and tasks that are overlooked. Those that take their time end up with stronger plans that can actually be respected because of the complexity that appears in what is written. The more you write and the more you plan, the better your overall control.


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