Push Marketing Overview


Advertising basically falls into two large categories: pull and push. When referring to push advertising, we see products being pushed towards customers with the use of attention grabbing claims and ads, putting products in the customer’s mind. Obviously, push marketing is a similar process. While there are many professionals that prefer one of the two approaches (push or pull), we cannot deny the fact that both can be pretty effective.

push marketing

Push Marketing Overview

Push marketing basically focuses on taking your product to customers, putting products right in front of the customer, right at purchase point. This marketing strategy will minimize how much time is spent between discovering products and buying them. The company is going to use a wide-reaching and aggressive ad campaign in order to make an immediate and large impact on the customers.

In many situations we can say that traditional marketing is a synonym with what we refer to as push marketing. The classic strategies like TV ads, the free coupon cods and the direct mail catalogs are perfect examples of great push marketing.

Push Marketing Advantages

The main associated advantage is that you get really fast results while the statement that is made for the customers is really clear. You do not need to think too much about branding and the focus is basically put on creating instant demand for new products.

Push Marketing Disadvantages

A really major disadvantage is that push marketing is expensive. It will only bring in temporary effects. The main goal is to create a great relationship with the customer and push marketing does make a new pitch with every campaign, thus keeping customers far from the brand. You do not have the advantages of pulling customers to you.

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Who Should Use Push Marketing?

In most situations push marketing is used by companies that are presenting brand new products/services and start-ups. Focus is put on bringing products towards consumers so it is best used for a product that consumers do not know about. As an example, when a new computer shop opens, mailers can be sent to people that live in the region. If you launch new medicine, a TV ad can present it.


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