Buzz Marketing Overview

Buzz Marketing Overview

One thing that is interesting is that every single person in the world did play some sort of marketing role at least once. For instance, did you ever praise a restaurant and recommend it to one of your friends. That actually may have brought in new business for the restaurant. If you love a movie and you recommend it on your blog, you did bring in new ticket or DVD sales.

Just as the name implies, buzz marketing is all about creating that buzz that customers are willingly a part of. There are many business types that can benefit from having people casually talk about an experience that they had with a service or product. We basically have word of mouth leading towards an increase of sales because of the attached credibility, which is way higher than with TV commercials or regular advertising. Every person is much more willing to try a new product if there is a person that is trusted and that suggests it.

Buzz marketing becomes incredibly effective for the spread of the word about brand new services or products. That is why we regularly see marketing campaign combinations so that this buzz can be created. The Super Bowl is a great example of this. So many see it and will keep talking about what they see in the ads presented there.

Marketing professionals that currently focus on using buzz marketing will focus on getting conversations going. The work basically instigates the conversations that take place between friends, while also evolving towards the larger scales offered by discussions that take place through the well-known social media sites. Conversations are kept going through many different methods, including starting the talk and responding to what some consumers say.

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As an example, let us say that a company launches a new protein bar. The marketing team can take some samples and hand them out at a really popular gym. The athletes will end up talking about them and that can generate great buzz in the event that the protein bar is actually really good. Obviously, this would fail if the product would be really bad.

Both the small and large companies can use buzz marketing but only in the event that the benefits are properly utilized and the campaign is built properly. Not all in-house marketing teams have the necessary knowledge to pull out a highly effective buzz marketing campaign. The most common businesses that will use buzz marketing on a regular basis include fashion, movies, cosmetics, consumer products, technology, beverages and cars.


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