A Look at the Story of Leading Entrepreneur Travis Kalanick


The road to success is never an easy one. However, the challenges we encounter are the ones that make the experience an interesting one. Did you know that with a single tap on your smartphone can now have a car pick you up and take you wherever you want? It is even possible for you to pay online for these services. How is this possible? With the smart apps that have been developed by people who have achieved success in life due to their imagination and wish to do something special in life.


Travis Kalanick’s Story of Success

This is the success story of Travis Kalanick, an entrepreneur who tried many times before achieving it. He brought the first mobile app that is known to offer this kind of service these days on the market. In the beginning, people were confused about its utility. He struggled with restrictions and contradictions but tackling them all was his main goal. Now he is a billionaire known around the world.

His Life before the App

Travis Kalanick founded his first business when he was about to graduate from high school. It was a SAT training course that helped him earn some money during that period of life. In college, he decided that it was time for change. He entered a collaboration with two of his best friends: Michael Todd and Vince Busam. They engaged in a thrilling project that took up all their time. They even dropped from University in order to invest all their time and effort for making their project a successful one.

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The First Developed Product

Their first developed product was a search engine meant for peer use. The idea was to allow people the possibility to download files from their friends’ hard drives. In the beginning, the activity took place in an apartment from LA. Those were difficult times for them because file sharing was not something appreciated by content providers. The company later declared bankruptcy and Kalanick left it.

New Adventure

His next adventure is called RedSwoosh. During this period of time in his life, he managed to sell his second company to Akmai Technologies for what was considered a fortune back in 2007: $19 million. Aged 30, he already had the taste of two startup failures and challenges did not seem to avoid him in any way. It was then that he got sufficient inspiration to develop something new for the world.

Ever since the app became so popular, money no longer represented an issue for the developer. He was in the center of attention among Internet users and power players from the entertainment industry. The provided services became on demand cab alternatives accessible through the app. The change from the initial limousine type of service was well received by the public.

It was December 2010 the moment when Travis Kalanick became a famous CEO. His relentless personality gave him the proper strength to overcome all encountered obstacles since then and turn challenges into success.


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