Why Small Businesses Should Use Guerrilla Marketing

Why Small Businesses Should Use Guerrilla Marketing

There is an obvious increase in the number of advertising agencies that are using guerrilla marketing strategies in order to spread the messages of the clients and increase brand awareness. We can define guerilla marketing as being a special advertising strategy that would focus on an unconventional set of marketing tactics that are low cost with the goal of having maximum results.

With this in mind, it is quite obvious that small businesses try to take advantage of guerrilla marketing campaigns. After all, we are faced with really low costs and the potential of making so many know about the client. Such awareness is highly beneficial for any small company and is the reason why many are now trying to use guerrilla marketing.

Using Guerrilla Marketing As A Small Business

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While it is quite obvious that guerilla marketing can be the perfect solution for small businesses, this does not mean that everything you do is suitable. Contrary to what you may think, not all exposure is good exposure. You need to make sure that you disrupt the lives of those that will participate but that you do it in a way that is completely enjoyable at the end. You want them leaving with “WOW” in their minds instead of “That Was Awful”.

The Blair Witch Project

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This is the perfect guerrilla marketing success story that highlights what a small business should do. The Blair Witch Project is the name of a movie what appeared in 1999 and was promoted with the use of guerrilla marketing techniques. We are basically talking about a movie that had a minimal budget and just one camera. The result: gross sales of over 245 million dollars.

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Everything started with setting up a fictitious legend related to the Blair Witch. The support was done through a website that was about this woods based paranormal specter. The movie was launched as being real, a student footage that was eventually recovered.

The Blair Witch Project went on to reach a huge success as a fan base was established before the site was even launched. This is a movie that practically launched a new type of horror movie, one that many tried to replicate but eventually failed.

Advantages Of Guerilla Marketing For A Small Business

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Obviously, the most important advantage is the one that you already figured out: really low costs. It is very important for a small business to come up with the best possible results, which basically means the highest possible profit. That is possible through guerilla marketing but only when it is done right.

Another advantage is brand exposure. The small company basically ends up getting on the map with an action that is remembered by potential clients and by the competition. Why not take advantage of something like that? You would normally use unconventional communication channels and that creates a unique experience that everyone will remember.

On the whole, we need to realize the fact that guerilla marketing stands out as a tremendous opportunity for a small business. However, once again, you need to be sure that the campaign is arranged by a professional.


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