Keeping Your Business Running While on Holiday


If you’re the owner of any sort of company, you may feel like you need to be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that everything’s running as smoothly as possible. After all, you’ve put in the hard work to establish your business in a decent executive workplace so it can be difficult to take some time away from your baby. Everyone needs some time off though, which is why you’ll ultimately feel the need to leave the office and go on holiday. Here are some tips to make sure that your business still runs as normal even though you’re away.


Utilise Technology

Since the world is becoming all the more connected these days, you can effectively keep an eye on your serviced workspace from anywhere on Earth with a laptop, smartphone and decent internet connection. Sending email, chatting with customers and writing office memos can be done whether you’re lazing on the beach or hitting the road. In this way, you need not fear about distancing yourself from the workplace. Just remember to set aside certain limits for these business activities. You’re on holiday after all, so this should be your top priority. Schedule an hour or so per day where you get in touch with your serviced office and then leave the rest of your time to relaxing and unwinding while travelling.


Three Business Men by Kosta Kostov

Three Business Men by Kosta Kostov

Manage Your Time

In the weeks or months before you set off on holiday, try and see if you can complete any tasks ahead of schedule. If there is an important presentation, report or analysis that needs to be finished even though you’ll be away, you can put in the extra effort and get it done before you leave your Regus office space. While this means you’ll be working a lot harder prior to the vacation, it will allow you to relax more during your time off knowing full well that everything has been done as necessary.If there’s something truly important that needs to be done, the other alternative is to shift your holiday plans. Travelling after the big project is completed will give you plenty of time to focus on these crucial responsibilities in a relaxed manner, getting everything completed before you depart from your serviced workplace for your overseas trip.

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Delegate to Others

The last, yet most effective, option is to simply ask someone still remaining behind in your furnished office to handle these important matters. You’ve spent the time training your staff so this can be a good time to test their level of competence. Not only will they be in the workplace free from supervision while you’re on holiday but they’ll also have to handle their own time and schedules while you’re away. If, at the end of your trip, you return back to your office and find that everything is running smoothly, you’ll know that your company is in good hands. If not, at least you’ll spot the problem and can then take the appropriate measures to rectify the situation.


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