How To Lower Your Cable Or Satellite TV Bills


As we all know and talked about many times in the past, it is really important to save money every single month. This is almost always going to be a lot easier when you know all available options. One of the options that few talk about is your cable or satellite TV bill. The same things we will talk about apply to telephone and broadband internet deals.

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The most important thing that you need to remember is that one simple phone call has the potential to save hundreds every single year. This has always been possible and few actually took advantage of the opportunities that were available for them. No matter the reason, you want to consider everything below in order to save cash every single month.

What Should You Know About Media Services?

All media services are similar to banking services. This is because people will normally stick to the deal that they have. Because of this, the companies are going to make much money as they would raise the prices. Customers will simply accept the new prices.

The competing companies will need to offer a great deal in order to convince someone to make the switch. Customer acquisition is something that is quite expensive so when you tell your current service provider that you are shopping around, there is a pretty good possibility you will receive some incentives to remain a client. Discounts of $40 per month are really common and the company will still make profits in the process.

How To Get Better Prices

Obviously, you can always switch carriers when your current contract is up but this is not the only thing that you can do. The other option is to negotiate better rates for you. The problem is that you will not always be offered the best price since there is a huge possibility that your neighbor will pay the full price without making complaints. Because of this, here are some tips to negotiate a better deal for you:

  • When you call customer support, you want to reach a representative of the retentions department. Only that person is allowed to offer a discount.
  • You want to prepare the pitch before you call. This means you want to tell the company that you are shopping around and you can also highlight a deal that the competition offered.
  • In the event that you are not happy with the deal offered, you can ask for the company to cancel the service and set the cancel date some weeks in advance. This shows that you have time to install the new provider’s equipment and the final deal will be revealed by the representative of the retentions department.
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Extra Tip – Take Advantage Of Hidden Deals

Cable service providers and satellite service providers will normally advertise various deals but will not put a focus on their cheap deals. As an example, most of them will have less-expensive packages than those advertised. They have fewer channels. If those deals are suitable for you, why not take advantage of the lower price tag?

Most will not even bother to ask about the packages, even if they know about it. You need to realize that you will never lose anything when you ask questions about the services available. Make the necessary enquiries and see exactly what the best deal is for you.


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