Business Lessons We Can Learn From Amancio Ortega


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Amancio Ortega (full name Amancio Ortega Gaone) is a really well known fashion executive. He is the founding chairman of the Inditex group, renowned around the world for the Zara accessories and clothing shops. Last month he gained the title of 3rd richest person in the world. This makes him a great authority figure that we can learn a lot from.

Let us take a look at some carefully chosen business quotes by Amancio Ortega. They will bring in important lessons that we can learn from.

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The customer is always right. We always keep hearing this. However, it is something that we tend to forget. Make sure that you create a business model only after thinking about the customer. This is a lot more important than many believe. If you just think about profits and you do not manage to factor in the needs of the possible customer, you will lose a lot on the long run.

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When you stand out as an individual, there is a pretty good possibility that you will end up faced with a problem in your business. You need to clearly differentiate between you and your business. It is important for your business to appear in the newspapers and you should only think about appearing when you are your own brand figure.

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Adaptability is highly important for every single business out there. You need to be prepared to change your plans and to make modifications in the business model that you respect. If you do not do that, it is inevitable that you will be surpassed by your competition. You have to always adapt and surpass the limits that you have. When you go on the same path, it will inevitably come to an end. Make sure that you think ahead. See what may happen and have backup plans in the event that your chosen path is no longer working well.

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Once again, we are told that the people that work for you stand out as the most important asset that the company has. It is incredibly important that you are on the lookout for great talent. If you have the best staff, you will always come up with the best business decisions. Invest a lot in training and in the people that you employ. Make sure that they are happy and you will also be happy with the work they do.

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We need to talk with the staff members that actually have a direct contact with the customer. They can highlight many different things that we may not be aware of. Keep in mind that the satisfaction of the client is what counts the most and the actual seller is the one that instantly realizes what satisfies that client.


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