What Is Ambush Marketing And Who Uses It?

What Is Ambush Marketing And Who Uses It

Ambush marketing stands out as quite a new marketing technique that is becoming popular and that is used by many companies. Its main purpose is to raise awareness for a brand in a way that is convert. What it basically means is that a brand is promoted at an event without actually sponsoring that event. For instance, you may look at a basketball match and notice that the supporters behind the coach all wear the same t-shirt, with a brand highlighted. This is a part of an ambush marketing campaign.

Who Uses Ambush Marketing?

Any firm that is not an official sponsor of an event can use such ambush marketing strategies. Not all companies will though. The businesses that utilize the techniques will be appealing to a specific demographic, usually men between 18 and 35. The really successful campaigns were ran for the companies that were focused on brands appealing for millennial demographics.

The millennial generation currently uses technology in a heavy way, with social media consumption being really high. The companies that do not use social media will not be on the radar of these millennials.

Implementing And Developing Ambush Marketing Campaigns

One of the main priorities of ambush marketing is looking for a programmer or a team that can create a strong web presence so that the campaign can actually go viral. Viral marketing is actually a big part of the ambush marketing campaign. In most cases the campaigns are associated with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a website or similar. Smartphones are a big part of it and the brand has to curve real estate on the internet so that it is always distinct, entertaining and interactive.

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We thus have brand ambassadors and a team. The following step is to put smartphones in the hands of people that will walk in the crowd. The marketers are always able to upload photos, post, tweet and share videos of the campaign. The brand ends up being positioned inside the relational circle through online interactions.

The last step is to do the physical positioning. This is what requires gathering at properties or events where the crowds form and a presence is created. In many cases the people that are put in the crowd will exhibit strong behavior to stand out but that is not always a necessity. Campaigns have to be unexpected at all times. However, they can be framed in ways that are enjoyable instead of jarring. In most cases the people that see them will remember the ambush, which is always a necessity to be successful.


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