What Is Close Range Marketing?


Close Range Marketing (sometimes referred to as CRM) is one type of marketing that most people know nothing about. It is a pretty new marketing form that uses wireless communication tech in order to deliver a message to people that are potentially interested in what is promoted. Campaigns are going to target a customer that is in a specific radius of a venue or a business. Message are received on smartphones, tablets or on digital signs that are close-by.

close range marketing

CRM is also referred to as hyper local marketing or proximity marketing. Campaigns that are built properly will bring in better results when compared to the messages sent to a broad audience. This is because media will be sent at the right place and time, thus increasing the possibility that receivers pay attention to the message. However, the marketing professionals will be careful since overusing the techniques can lead towards problems.

Who Uses Close Range Marketing?

There are so many companies that can take advantage of CRM campaigns in order to promote services or goods. This actually includes small and large corporations. For instance, a store that is located inside a shopping mall will be able to take full advantage of such a promotional approach, offering coupons or simply promoting the business. Also, this marketing form can be used by establishments, organizations and businesses like: travel agencies, gas stations, retailers, subways, night clubs, airports, restaurants, banks and universities.

CRM offers information about rewards or anything of interest. Anything that would convince the person to go to the store can be useful so messages about helpful content, coupons, loyalty programs and promotions work great.

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Customer Kinds Targeted

The really effective close range marketing strategies will target people that are receptive to unsolicited messages or simply new messages. At the same time, receivers are knowledgeable about mobile devices and technologically savvy. Some of the campaigns actually ask people to turn on Bluetooth devices in order to receive an incentive or access to a deal.

As the consumer agrees to being sent more messages, the marketer will end up with a really loyal customer base. As an example, returning customers can be offered extra discounts. A person that responds to the initial close range marketing campaign will be much more likely to respond to following communications and potential deals.

Facts Of Interest

Whenever using such a marketing approach it is vital that you are careful with timing. This is because you want to reach people that are not too busy. As an example, at a hotel conference, those that attend may not want to receive data about restaurants that are close-by. In a similar way, those that attend an event that is about music may be interested in looking at a music video.

It is very important that you work with a marketing company that is experienced in CRM. This is especially true when referring to markets like USA as people are really sensitive about privacy issues. However, when you work with a good service provider, professionals with a lot of experience will be sure that the correct approach is always taken.


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