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    Starting a Business in Sweden

    Swedish entrepreneurs have an inbuilt sense of innovation. From Spotify founder Daniel Ek to Klarna CEO Erik Nordbye, these innovators are known for taking risks and pushing boundaries – as well as having access to various resources that help ensure success. According to the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor Report (GEM), Sweden boasts the highest rate of adult entrepreneurship while established business ...
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    Lesser-Known Marketing Strategies You Can Implement to Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Traditional marketing tactics remain effective; however, think outside the box with newer strategies in order to keep pace with competitors. Here are a few lesser-known approaches you could employ in order to stay ahead of them: Infographics can be an inexpensive way to build brand recognition among target customers, and furniture retailer Early Settler uses them effectively to highlight the ...
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    How to Build a Successful Business

    Establishing your own business can be immensely satisfying. But there are certain key points to keep in mind before beginning operations. Successful businesses focus on meeting the wants and needs of their client base to create a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Successful businesses must also review and adjust their metrics regularly in order to stay ahead of competition. ...
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    Getting Started For Entrepreneurs in Finland

    Prime Minister Sanna Marin has made entrepreneurship one of his central focuses for her government program, seeking to boost confidence among companies as an attractive place to invest, start businesses and offer employment. This study sought to better understand Finnish youth attitudes toward entrepreneurship and assess their background factors using descriptive statistical analysis. Results indicate more positive attitudes among Finnish ...
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    Guerrilla Marketing FAILS

    Guerrilla marketing can be an excellent way to draw attention without spending large sums of money on traditional advertisements, yet some key considerations must be kept in mind before diving in with this form of promotion. Guerrilla marketing campaigns often lack the traditional reporting methods used by marketing professionals to assess effectiveness, leaving their effectiveness unmeasured and perhaps leading to ...
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    Korean Entrepreneurs Thriving in Silicon Valley

    Korean entrepreneurs have made significant inroads into Silicon Valley. Their ability to blend cultural values with technological innovations has proven successful businesses for them, thanks to political leadership dedicated to economic expansion and proactive government measures. Sophie Kim is the founder and CEO of Korea’s largest dedicated online grocer Market Kurly. With an educational background in finance and consulting, Sophie ...
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    Influencer Marketing Strategy – How to Get the Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of successful influencer marketing campaigns. Modash helps you find influential figures, evaluate their profiles and audiences, and monitor campaign success. Below you can see how to build a great influencer marketing strategy. Contests and giveaways can be an effective way to spread brand recognition among your followers. Incentivize them to participate by offering them ...
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    Tax Compliance for Entrepreneurs in Albania

    Albania, situated in Southeast Europe, is one of Europe’s most promising emerging early-stage start-up markets, boasting many advantages for entrepreneurs including low operating costs and an outstanding business climate. Entrepreneurs in Albania do have access to some tools to use. Female entrepreneurship is still relatively novel in Albania but already it has made significant impactful contributions to economic development. Startup ...
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    How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy

    One of the best ways to amplify brand presence and boost ROI is influencer marketing, which works by teaming up with digital creators who promote products or services through carefully crafted messaging. How can you build an influencer marketing strategy? Before initiating an influencer campaign, it’s essential to identify your desired goals. Common targets may include raising brand recognition and ...
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    Australian Entrepreneurs You Should Know

    Australian entrepreneurs featured in this article serve as an inspiring reminder that any individual can use their passions to start successful businesses. While some founders boast impressive capital-raising credentials, others have built profitable enterprises solely with personal capital. It was heartening to witness how, despite all of 2021’s challenges, most businesses listed had continued to thrive and expand. Ilhan Omar ...
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    Different Types of Entrepreneurs

    Introduction writing requires time and practice, but the rewards can be great as this will be the first thing readers encounter. There are several different types of entrepreneurs. Imitator entrepreneurs copy business ideas and modify them in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, these entrepreneurs may search for ways to enhance their product or target specific ...
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    How Young Entrepreneurs Can Increase Their Chances of Success

    Young entrepreneurs possess a range of unique traits that make them well-suited to starting new businesses. Curiosity and openness to new experiences are cornerstones of their success; in addition to this energy and drive for making ideas come alive. Becoming a young entrepreneur means making sacrifices. While giving up evening Netflix binges or weekend parties with friends may be hard, ...