Bitcoin OTC: How Does It Work?


How much do you know about trading cryptocurrency? If you’re familiar with most financial trading methods, you probably know about trading exchanges. These are the platforms that determine prices and set the transaction values. 

Trading through exchanges has many uses. It adds a degree of reputability to your transactions, offering more financial security. They also provide stability; you can expect to receive the standard transactional value for trades made through an exchange.

However, there are downsides. Exchanges often favor wealthy businesses and people over everyday traders. 

That’s why many people are opting out of exchanges and pursuing Bitcoin OTC trading. If you’re new to the Bitcoin OTC market, read on to learn how to use it to your advantage!

How Does Bitcoin OTC work?

If you’re new to crypto trading, you may be wondering, “What is otc bitcoin?” It’s easiest to understand this by comparing it to an exchange. When you trade with an exchange, it acts as a middle-man between the buyer and seller. 

Bitcoin OTC trading differs in allowing the buyer and seller to trade directly with one another. When these transactions occur, one party is typically a “desk.” In trading, a desk is a business dedicated to the buying and selling of certain asset classes. 

In these trades, the two parties agree on an established price. From there, they work out the transfer details amongst themselves.

This direct communication is why OTC markets can become so difficult to gauge. Nobody beyond the two parties involved can mediate the exchange. 

How Does an OTC Bitcoin Broker Differ From an Exchange?

OTC transactions occur on a Bitcoin OTC Broker, a platform that allows traders to trade directly with one another. However, if two users still have to rely on a platform, how is it different from an exchange? 

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In exchanges, the selling party lists the assets they’re selling. Moreover, they explain the price they hope to receive. The exchange then searches for buyers who seem likely to buy these assets. Once they find a match, they negotiate the transaction.

Bitcoin OTC Brokers don’t require such matches. Instead, they allow users to find their match and negotiate their transfer together. However, this doesn’t mean they offer no resources.

Many OTC brokers offer expert consultations, offering marketing insights and answering user questions. The largest and most reputable OTC broker is Kraken, a broker that supports 45 cryptocurrencies and several fiat currencies

Risks of Bitcoin OTC Trading

While Bitcoin OTC trading offers many advantages, it also poses a few risks. Because exchanges often establish the cost and value of assets, trading through a broker platform may mean not receiving standard prices. 

Moreover, because it occurs directly between parties, there is a higher risk of fraud and illegitimate transactions. If you’re uncertain about a trade, consult with experts as soon as possible. 

Find an OTC Broker Today!

If you’re eager to begin your Bitcoin OTC trading, find a reputable broker today! Finding a broker is the first step to building experience trading crypto assets in direct and efficient ways. 

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