How to Lower the Interest Rate on a Personal Loan

Jun 20, 13 How to Lower the Interest Rate on a Personal Loan

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So why do some applicants enjoy more competitive interest rates on the personal loans they apply for than others? This is a question that has long mystified many borrowers, usually those who repay loans at higher interest rate than other borrowers they know.   Historically speaking Your credit history is above all else, the number...

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Bad Credit Loans Are Making People Happy

With the situation that the current economy is in it is no wonder that people have bad credit.  After all people are not perfect and life is not always perfect either.  There are always situations that arise that can negatively affect your credit history and credit score.  A loss of a job or spouse can be a couple of these...

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Three Things to Consider When Taking Out a Wedding Loan

You’ve set the day for your big day, and your planning is in full swing. There’s just one problem—the costs of putting together the wedding of your dreams keeps mounting, and you’re not sure you will have the money to cover your expenses. Never fear—a wedding loan could be just the ticket to a worry-free wedding day. But with so...

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