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    The Inspiring Story of Entrepreneurial Success Brent Beshore

    Brent Beshore is quite a growing name in the entrepreneurial world. When he was just 7 he actually started doing some business. He partnered with a friend in order to create arrows and bows. They were made in America and then sold to Guatemala. As you can imagine, there were different problems with Brent’s plans but the truth is that ...
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    Business Success Stories – Entrepreneur Drew Houston

    Drew Houston is known by everyone that is interested in cloud technology. This is because he is the founder of Dropbox, a firm that has an estimated worth of over $10 billion. What few know is that this was not a quick, overnight success. Drew Houston actually had different failed ventures but he was determined to be successful. Houston was ...
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    A Look At The Life of Entrepreneur Howard Schulz

    Starbucks is a brand known by everyone in the world. In the nineties it was Starbucks that basically made coffee drinking a favorite national pastime. What many do not know is that Howard Schultz is the CEO and the mastermind behind this coffee chain. He is the one that managed to transform a 4 store chain into a leading specialty ...
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    5 Signs That Penny Stocks Are Soon Going To Climb

    Every single serious investor knows how tricky penny stocks can be. These can bring in a huge profit but in most cases they are going to lead to capital losses. It is really important to see signs that penny stocks will increase in value in the near future if you want to make a good profit. If you do not ...
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    How Microsoft Broke Into The Console Market by Launching Xbox

    Microsoft decided to enter the gaming console market around 1998 through the work of Otto Berkes, Ted Hase, Seamus Blackley and Kevin Bachus, all after a successful pitch to Bill Gates. It was originally named DirectX Box and should have been the very first gaming system that was built as a personal computer. The chosen system was Windows 2000, making ...
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    How Mark Zuckerberg Changed the Internet

    We can safely talk about how Facebook changed the internet since this is definitely what happened. However, it is hard to argue with the fact that it was Mark Zuckerberg that led the company to the success it enjoys at the moment. At just 32 years of age we can easily see Zuckerberg as Person Of The Year because of everything ...
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    A Profile of Elon Musk – One of the Top Entrepreneurs of A Generation

    Elon Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation, a person that became a millionaire at 27 after selling Zip2, his first company, an online media services firm. The buyer was Compaq and the sales price was $307 million. You may know Musk because he founded X.com right after selling Zip2, X.com became PayPal. In 2002 PayPal ...
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    A Profile of Leading Female Internet Entrepreneur Catherine Cook

    When you hear Catherine Cook you might also say female Mark Zuckerberg. It all started in highschool, when Catherine decided she didn’t like her yearbook. Her and Dave, her brother complained about the annual school yearbook. That’s when the idea of $20m was born. When she was 14, her family moved to Skillman, New Jersey, where she started highschool. With ...
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    Tim Ferriss – A True Entrepreneur Success Story

    Tim Ferriss (full name Timothy Ferriss) is a highly successful American entrepreneur, public speaker and author. He is renowned around the world for the self-help books he wrote since they were bestsellers in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times. He is a highly successful entrepreneur and an advisor or angel investor for Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Uber ...
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    The History of Amazon

    Every person that browses the internet knows Amazon and every marketer out there should learn from the history of Amazon. The story behind one of the largest online companies in the world is interesting and an inspiration for all people that want to launch an online business. Amazon debuted in 197, went public in 1997, expanded to a huge level ...
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    The History of Starbucks

    Starbucks Corporation is an American company specialized in coffee and which has developed a wide range of shops in the industry around the world. The location of its foundation is Seattle, Washington and the year when its history started is 1971. The Foundation of the Famous Starbucks Corporation The primary Starbucks shop was opened on 31st of March, 1971 in ...
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    The Story of Twitter

    Twitter is a popular app that allows people to connect with other users, express their thoughts and discover new things that they are interested in. For those who always want to be up to date with latest news, this is the app that allows them to do so. Many online users discover all there is to know about public figures ...